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Our team is trying to automate building of VI Packages in our Gitlab CI/CD pipeline. I have had success in programmatically building packages when done under a regular interactive Windows user account, but the same script will fail to build when run under the SYSTEM account (which is the default behavior of the Gitlab Runner, since that is itself a Windows service).

The failures are reported as missing VIs, when the VIs clearly exist. So it seems that somehow the VI Package Builder doesn't seem to understand how to find the VIs when running under the SYSTEM account.

Has anyone else encountered this behavior? Are there any known workarounds?


Joerg Hampel I can't really help with services and the SYSTEM account. I wanna say, though, that we start all our runners from a powershell and not as a service, and advise the same for our customers. It makes the whole handling and debugging a lot easier. As long as LabVIEW doesn't offer a true headless mode (and I doubt it will in the near future), running it as a service will always come with potential trouble. Running from a powershell window comes with the obvious downside of having a user login first. In many circumstances, this is not a problem. Maybe it's an option for you, too?
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