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Attempting to install on LV19 32bit (Win10), i get VIPM error:

"Main Package Name: WebView2 v1.0.1.4
Package Name with Error: WebView2 v1.0.1.4
Error Message: VIPM could not install the package sklein_lib_webview2- .
Error Code: 5001
Error Source: AFEAEF591DB519B82F623DA9DB2CE563 in 3038DFCFFC1E84FF6A69846558361FAD->OGPM Class.lvlib:DE742B1A3DA7CEB4345B3FE8E257C4FD->OGPM Class.lvlib:D36422DF3547F7393D3C11B3047CFDB6->5799AF2EBC47986B726498EB4F8886CE->VIPM Main"

The error code is custom. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, there are no immediately clear instructions for manual installation.
Adding "Open *.vip as an archive, dump Group 0 into , dump Group 1 into /user.lib" would help. 😊


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