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HAIBAL Deep learning by HAIBAL - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Deep learning toolkit for LabVIEW

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ReleasedMar 28, 2023
Publisher HAIBAL
License Commercial
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=22.3
Operating System Windows
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Deep learning toolkit for LabVIEW.

The Deep Learning Development Module (DLDM) provides hundreds of features for developing and deploying deep learning applications.
The Deep Learning Development Module (DLDM) is designed to help you develop deep learning applications using LabVIEW and deploy those applications on CPU or GPU (CUDA).

Its comprehensive feature library gives you the ability to design models using hundreds of layers and customizations.

Manufacturer : Graiphic

Website :

First release date : 2022/12/12

Activation Layers

ELU, Exponential, GELU, HardSigmoid, LeakyReLU, Linear, PReLU, ReLU, SELU, Sigmoid, SoftMax, SoftPlus, SoftSign, Swish, TanH, ThresholdedReLU.


Add, Additive Attention, AlphaDropout, Attention, Average, AvgPool1D, AvgPool2D, AvgPool3D, BatchNormalization, Bidirectional, Concatenate, Conv1DConv1DTranspose, Conv2D, Conv2DTranspose, Conv3D, Conv3DTranspose, ConvLSTM1D, ConvLSTM2D, ConvLSTM3D, Cropping1D, Cropping2D, Cropping3D, Dense, DepthwiseConv2D, Dropout, Flatten, GaussianDropout, GaussianNoise, GlobalAvgPool1D, GlobalAvgPool2D, GlobalAvgPool3D, GlobalMaxPool1D, GlobalMaxPool2D, GlobalMaxPool3D, GRU, LayerNormalization, LSTM, MaxPool1D, MaxPool2D, MaxPool3D, Multiply, Permute3D, Reshape, RNN, SeparableConv1D, SeparableConv2D, SimpleRNN, SpatialDropout1D, SpatialDropout2D, SpatialDropout3D, Substract, TimeDistributed, UpSampling1D, UpSampling2D, UpSampling3D, ZeroPadding1D, ZeroPadding2D, ZeroPadding3D.

Release Notes (Mar 28, 2023)

Releases notes available on HAIBAL website.

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