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A cross-platform LabVIEW library for loading, saving, and processing images. Features include: * Load images from file or from memory in a range of formats, including: --- PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, Animated GIF, TGA, PSD, HDR, PIC, PNM * Save images to file or to memory in a range of formats, including…

by Dataflow_G - 2 days ago
Adds core client Neural Autonomic Transport System (NATS) functionality to LabVIEW. NATS is a lightweight pub/sub messaging system that provides at-most-once QoS messaging. The entire toolkit is written in native LabVIEW and requires no external dependencies to run the code (other than a freely av…

by Drew Herron - 2 days ago
SoL SquareBattle
Installs a new Summer of LabVIEW Project Template that can be used to create new SquareBattle Teams. A Team is a single player's collection of squares that can wait, move, replicate, and attack to try and have the most active squares by the end of a game. Once a new project is created using the Su…

by Derrick B - 1 week ago
PL Modbus Client
Modbus client library for LabVIEW. Features: 1. RTU, ASCII and TCP protocols via serial or network connection. 2. Implemented read/write functions (Modbus function codes): - Read Coils / Discrete Inputs / Holding Registers / Input Registers (1/2/3/4) - Write Single Coil / Holding Register (5/6…

by plasmapper - 1 week ago
PL DNS Client
DNS client library for LabVIEW. Features: 1. DNS-over-UDP and DNS-over-TCP. 2. Multicast DNS (mDNS). 3. DNS-Based Service Discovery (DNS-SD) with multicast (mDNS).

by plasmapper - 1 week ago
PL eLabFTW Client
eLabFTW client library for LabVIEW. Tested on Features: Full functionaltity of the eLabFTW API v1 (

by plasmapper - 1 week ago
Property Inspector
The Property Inspector Utility reads your project and allows filtering, searching, sorting and batch editing of VI properties including Description, Data Size, Reentrancy, In memory and Allow Debugging. Filter the results by 20 object types. Search items based on 44 properties and 11 criteria with…

by ABCDEF - 2 weeks ago
Animation Toolkit
Basic Animation Tools for Position, Size, Fade, Drag, and Jiggle. This was presented at GDevCon 2022.

by Q Software Innovations, LLC - 2 weeks ago
Simple State Machines
Simple state machine templates with minumum subVI's.

by Lab it Studio - 2 weeks ago
This tool generates different kind of documentation based on the add-on installed. Official supported add-ons: - LabVIEW project: Generate the documentation of LabVIEW project code source - LabVIEW Toolkit Manual: Generate the documentation of toolkits installed in LabVIEW The final docume…

by Wovalab - 3 weeks ago
LabVIEW instrument driver for MKS MF1 mass flow controllers with USB interface. Features 1. Read/configure flow rate setpoint, valve mode and gas table index. 2. Read measured flow rate, valve drive level and temperature. 3. Read status and error status. 4. Wink and autozero device. 5. Automatic r…

by plasmapper - 3 weeks ago
Malleable Buffer
A Circular Buffer implimentation using Malleable VIs: -- Any Type, 1D or 2D buffer array -- Allows by-value, or DVR by-reference using the same API functions Known Issue: LabVIEW compiler as of 2020 does not always recompile correctly --> use force recompile (hold ctrl key and click Run arrow…

by JDP Science - 3 weeks ago
Bowzer the Browser
Adds an option to the Tools menu that launches a utility that allows a user to select an actor within the current project and browse and navigate to all its payload methods (including inherited methods) of that particular actor. Also launchable by QuickDrop (default Ctrl+Z).

by Zyah Solutions - 3 weeks ago
Panther Dashboard for DQMH
Panther Dashboard for DQMH This is a LabVIEW Tool using the new Scripting API included in the DQMH 6.1 Release. The priority of this tool is to Improve the Developer Experience when dealing with DQMH code. The main features included in Panther Dashboard for DQMH: -Explore your project in …

by PantherLAB - 3 weeks ago
A cross-platform LabVIEW library for audio device playback and capture, and for reading and writing audio files. Features: * Support for audio playback and capture, including loopback capture * Playback and capture using selectable backends (WASAPI, DirectSound, Core Audio, PulseAudio, ALSA, e…

by Dataflow_G - 3 weeks ago
PL SOL Instruments MS
LabVIEW instrument driver for SOL Instruments (Solar TII) MS series monochromator-spectrographs. Tested on Solar TII MS3504i and MS2001i. Disclaimer This library was written using reverse engineering due to the lack of the device protocol information. Features 1. Configure grating/wavelength/mir…

by plasmapper - 3 weeks ago

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