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 image monoDriveClient
Note: This package requires administrator privileges for both LabVIEW and VI Package Manager. Provides a LabVIEW interface to the monoDrive Autonomous Vehicle Simulator. You are able to interact with the simulator in three modes: Closed Loop, Replay, HIL. In Close Loop mode you will be able to c…

by monoDrive - 16 minutes ago
 image JSONtext
Fast JSON Library for LabVIEW. Does not use an intermediate representation as in previous libraries; just uses JSON text, and parses JSON text very quickly. Note: On Windows 10, it may be necessary to run VI Package Manager "as an administrator" in order to install the VI Package.

by JDP Science - 22 hours ago
 image VIPM API
The VIPM VI-based API is a collection of VIs that allow you to command and control VIPM (VI Package Manager). The VIs have been compiled in LabVIEW 2013 and can be used for automation code written in LabVIEW 2013 or newer. The VIPM 2020 API VIs only work with VIPM 2020 Pro or Community Edition (or…

by JKI - 4 days ago
 image SCILOGEX-MS7-H550-Pro_Driver
This product offers a LabVIEW API to control a SCILOGEX-MS7-H550-Pro hotplate stirrer through a serial port (RS-232) IMPORTANT --------------- To install this package, it is required that VIPM runs with admin rights. To do so, please make sure that both VIPM and LabVIEW are closed, then right clic…

by Neosoft Technologies - 1 week ago
 image lets you plot your data to and display them in a browser. The displayed data is interactive and you can zoom, pan and display values on mouse over. For large datasets the library can downsample, using the lttb package in python. Requires Python 3.x to be installed on the compute…

by - 1 week ago
 image Camera Control For Canon EOS
The "Camera Control for Canon EOS" is a library for control of Canon EOS cameras via USB. The following functionality is included. - Image capturing - Live View - Movie shooting - Camera properties access - File system access The following cameras are supported: EOS Kiss M2 / EOS M50 Mark II …

by Ackermann Automation GmbH - 2 weeks ago
 image Messenger Library
Advanced messaging made simple A library for passing messages between parallel processes. Uses LVOOP to generalize the communication method, allowing the message sender to use any method as provided by the receiver. Supported communication methods include wrappings of simple queues, user event…

by JDP Science - 2 weeks ago
 image LabVIEW Bug Fix for Right-Click Menu Plug-Ins
This package resolves an intermittent (race condition) issue where right-click operations implemented in G sometimes do not work (but when they try to reproduce the issue, everything works fine). This package replaces the file located here (and backs up the original by adding a ".orig" suffix to t…

by NI - 2 weeks ago
 image Hooovahh Numeric and Math
This package contains a set of VIs for performing math functions, or numeric manipulation.

by Hooovahh - 2 weeks ago
 image JSON API
An API to read and write JSON strings. Supports converting native LabVIEW data to JSON string and vice-versa.

by LAVA - 2 weeks ago


Video Demonstration - Hooovahh Tremendous TDMS
This is a video showing some of the features of the Hooovah…
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Video Demonstration - Hooovahh Array VIM
This is a video showing some of the features of the Hooovah…
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Caraya: A New Take on LabVIEW Unit Testing (Presented by Jim Kring at NIWeek 2016)
How often have you created a small debug VI to test your so…
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Package Lists

GLA Summit 2020
GLA Summit 2020 ( presentation examples and related packages. (At…

by GLA Summit
GLA Summit 2020 image
MQTT (LabVIEW Open Source Project)
This package list installs a full suite of MQTT dependencies which allow creati…

by Francois Normandin
MQTT (LabVIEW Open Source Project) image
Machine Learning and AI
Libraries for machine learning and AI technologies such as deep learning

by VIPM Community
Machine Learning and AI image