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New Releases

Property Inspector
The Property Inspector Utility reads your project and allows filtering, searching, sorting and batch editing of VI properties including Description, Data Size, Reentrancy, In memory and Allow Debugging. Filter the results by 20 object types. Search items based on 44 properties and 11 criteria with…

by ABCDEF - 10 hours ago

by G Open Source Project for LabVIEW - 1 day ago
Serializer is a package serving as base class for serialization and deserialization of LabVIEW Data. User are expected to extend the core to provide concrete implementation. The package contains one specific class to offer an example for text serialization. ********* This library proposes…

by G Open Source Project for LabVIEW - 1 day ago
Data Manipulation
Data Manipulation is a collection of low-level data manipulation methods for interacting directly with type descriptors and variants to process flattened data efficiently.

by G Open Source Project for LabVIEW - 1 day ago
Recurses through any LabVIEW data and outputs a colorized tree control

by Blue Origin - 1 day ago
GitLab API
Automate GitLab by using its simple and powerful REST API. In the NI Example Finder, browsing the directory structure, navigate to \Hampel Software Engineering\GitLab API for examples. Insert your private token in LabVIEW Data\gitlabapi\config.ini in order to use the examples. -------------------…

by Hampel Software Engineering - 3 days ago
Zyah AF Msg Forwarding
A utility to aid in automatc Actor Framework message forwarding based off of (interface) inheritance. Includes the utility, different message maps and a base actor that utilizes both.

by Zyah Solutions - 5 days ago
Collection Extensions (Sets and Maps) for LabVIEW
A library of extensions to the LabVIEW native map and set VIs and functions. These are mostly VIMs (Malleable VIs). A map groups key-value pairs in sorted order where all the keys are unique. The key and value can each be any data type. Maps are also known as dictionaries because the key is used…

by VIPM Community - 1 week ago

by Blue Origin - 1 week ago
JKI State Machine Objects (SMO)
The JKI State Machine Objects (SMO) for LabVIEW is an easy-to-use yet powerful object-oriented framework, based on the JKI State Machine. It is the very same framework that is used by the JKI team in our everyday project work, and is the result of years of refinement by our team of LabVIEW experts.…

by JKI - 1 week ago
IG IDE - Snippets
This package has 2 main sets of features to reduce the time spent with simple but tedious tasks in LabVIEW: project tooling and code snippets. A video preview of the features is available at and as a link in the github readme. The project tooling adds a context menu e…

by Illuminated G - 1 week ago
Cyth Logger (with SQLite)
A logger and log viewer using an SQLite database. The logger is a background process. A Log Viewer is available under the Tools menu.

by JDP Science - 1 week ago
Pulse Streamer
API for Swabian Instruments' Pulse Streamer 8/2. Product online: Documentation online:

by Swabian Instruments GmbH - 4 weeks ago
SLL Toolkit
Available in Functions Palette -> Addons -> SLL Toolkit and in LabVIEW Tools menu -> SLL Toolkit. Requires VIPM 2017 or greater. This contains SLL Queued State Machine (QSM) and collection of various useful general purpose reusable VIs spanning across String, File IO, Scripting, TCP IP and ot…

by Soliton Technologies - 4 weeks ago
A cross-platform LabVIEW library for audio device playback and capture, and for reading and writing audio files. Features: * Support for audio playback and capture, including loopback capture * Playback and capture using selectable backends (WASAPI, DirectSound, Core Audio, PulseAudio, ALSA, e…

by Dataflow_G - 1 month ago
This tool parses lvproj to generate its documentation. The document generated is a plain-text file that uses Asciidoc syntax. You can render this file as a PDF or HTML file using Asciidoctor toolchain ( Note: you can integrate Antidoc in you CI/CD process using the CL…

by Wovalab - 1 month ago

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GLA Summit 2021
GLA Summit 2021 ( presentation examples and related packages. (At…

by GLA Summit
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State Machines and Message Handling Frameworks

by VIPM Community
State Machines and Message Handling Frameworks image
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Set of libraries and tools to help with continuous integration and continuous d…

by VIPM Community
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) image