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AnimationRing QControl
The AnimationRing is a QControl that inherits from and extends the Ring control, specifically a Picture Ring. It cycles the value of the ring which contains a frames of the animation. The frame rate is settable by property. It requires the QControl Toolkit.

by Q Software Innovations, LLC - 4 hours from 1m ago
Colour Lab
This toolkit does the following conversions: - CMYK to Colour - CMYK to RGB - Colour to CMYK - Colour to HSL - Colour to HSV - Colour to RGB - HSL to Colour - HSL to RGB - HSV to Colour - HSV to RGB - RGB to CMYK - RGB to Colour - RGB to HSL - RGB to HSV - Colour to Greyscale - Invert Colour - RGB…

by FisoThemes - 1h ago
VITester For G-CLI
Tool for running VI Tester tests via G CLI

by SAS Workshops - 3 days ago
WF WireQueue-MQTT
Please note that this package requires VIPM 2014 or later for installation and requires VIPM to be run with "administrator" rights. To do this, close LabVIEW and VIPM, then start VIPM by right-clicking and select "Run as administrator" This is the driver for the WireFlow WireQueue MQTT product, a …

by WireFlow - 3 days ago
DVR Collections
This toolkit contains VIMs that allow you to work with DVR versions of LabVIEW maps, sets, variant attributes, and arrays as if they were generics. It also enhances behaviors such as separating add and update operations, and providing clearer and consistent connector labels.

by FisoThemes - 3 days ago
BreadcrumbNavigator QControl
The BreadcrumbNavigator QControl is a QControl that inherits from and extends the String control. It acts like a list of HTML-Like links to help provide navigation in an application. Add items through an included property. Clear all items through an included method. When an item is clicked on, an…

by Q Software Innovations, LLC - 6 days ago
RichTextBox QControl
The RichTextBox is a QControl and requires the QControl Toolkit. It inherits from and extends the String control. It implements formatting through an HTML-like markdown. Add a toolbar using the Toolbar Facade and giving its reference to the constructor.

by Q Software Innovations, LLC - 6 days ago
ColorSelector QControl
The ColorSelector QControl is a QControl that inherits from and extends the Cluster Control. It contains in the cluster a picture control for the grayscale selector, a picture control for the color selector, numbers for red, blue, green, and hex representations of the color, and a color box showing…

by Q Software Innovations, LLC - 6 days ago
Tag Engine
This library aims to provide a tag variable engine to LabVIEW, similar to what would be found in most SCADA application development environments. It is inspired by the NI Current Value Table Toolkit and GPower VI Register Toolkit. Like these toolkits, it provides global access to named variables …

by Canter Automation - 1 week ago
Calendar QControl
The Calendar QControl is a QControl which inherits from and extends the Cluster control. It implements multiple buttons, lists, etc. to implement a Calandar. It has a properties to customize: *Start Day of Week *Colors of different components *Toggle visibility of horizontal and vertical lines …

by Q Software Innovations, LLC - 1 week ago
PieChart QControl
The PieChart is a QControl and requires the QControl Toolkit. It inherits from and extends the Picture control. It implements the a Pie Chart with Title, Legend, and selectable pie slices.

by Q Software Innovations, LLC - 1 week ago
IG AutoComplete
Provides a minimal API (1 VI!) to create an autocomplete style text search where filtered results based on entered text is displayed. This can leverage it's own popup UI or it can be linked to an existing ListBox. Utilizing an existing ListBox is a workaround needed when playing around with the Top…

by Illuminated G - 1 week ago
Zyah AF Msg Forwarding
A utility to aid in automatic Actor Framework message forwarding using the AF Msg tree. Includes the utility, different message maps and a base actor that utilizes both.

by Zyah Solutions - 1 week ago
COS Advanced Menu is a menu tool that can customize theme colors and set item symbols. Features 0) Provides a local menu editing tool similar to LabVIEW. 1) Provides menu editing functions. 2) Allow setting menu background color, menu font color, and selection color. 4) Allow setting menu item sy…

by COS - 1 week ago
This XControl provides a wrapper around the new WebView2 .net Control for Microsoft Edge Browser. The needed library from nuget is included. Please see the LICENSE.txt for lincensing information regarding the webview2 nuget package.

by sklein - 3 weeks ago
LVBuildSpec For G CLI
For building LV build spec items such as Exes and Installers, using GCLI.

by SAS Workshops - 3 weeks ago

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