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New Releases

HSE-ify DQMH Tool
Scripting tools for the HSE Flavour of DQMH. Allows to convert a regular DQMH Module to an HSE-Flavour DQMH Module. Launch the wizard via "Tools > DQMH Consortium > DQMH > Module > HSE-ify DQMH Module". More information is available at…

by Hampel Software Engineering - 3 days ago
PL Utility
Utility library for LabVIEW. Features 1. Save/load front VI state to/from file. 2. Find VI control by label in VI/cluster. 3. Reserve (with specified timeout) and unreserve the hardware resources needed for the DAQmx task.

by plasmapper - 3 days ago
PL Modbus Client
Modbus client library for LabVIEW. Features: 1. RTU, ASCII and TCP protocols via serial or network connection. 2. Implemented read/write functions (Modbus function codes): - Read Coils / Discrete Inputs / Holding Registers / Input Registers (1/2/3/4) - Write Single Coil / Holding Register (5/6…

by plasmapper - 3 days ago
PL GCF Calculator
Mass flow controller actual flow rate calculation library that uses gas conversion/correction factors (GCF). Features: 1. Several selectable sources of GCF data. 2. Simple mixture GCF calculation based on volumetric part of gases in the mixture.

by plasmapper - 3 days ago
PL DNS Client
DNS client library for LabVIEW. Features: 1. DNS-over-UDP and DNS-over-TCP. 2. Multicast DNS (mDNS). 3. DNS-Based Service Discovery (DNS-SD) with multicast (mDNS).

by plasmapper - 3 days ago
Antidoc Add-on - LabVIEW toolkit documentation
This package installs an add-on to Antidoc to generate the documentation of a LabVIEW toolkit based on its mnu file.

by Wovalab - 1 week ago
Antidoc Add-on - LabVIEW project documentation
This package installs an add-on to Antidoc to generate the code documentation of your LabVIEW projects.

by Wovalab - 1 week ago
Panther Dashboard
Panther Dashboard for DQMH This is a DQMH Module created as a wrapper for the new Scripting API included in the DQMH 6.1 Release. This Module allows you to have a general overview of your DQMH project. The main features included in Panther Dashboard for DQMH: *Allows you to see the statu…

by PantherLAB - 1 week ago
Asciidoc for LabVIEW
This toolkit provides a set of vis that helps you builds plain-text file using asciidoc syntax. It now provides all the tool needed to generate the HTML5 or PDF final document you always dream to get from your LabVIEW applications. = What is AsciiDoc ? AsciiDoc is two things: . A mature, plain-…

by Wovalab - 3 weeks ago
JSONtext is a library intended to make working with JSON in LabVIEW easy, fast and flexible. It is based on high-speed text parsing, and does not involve any kind of intermediate representation of the JSON (the only thing passed between functions are JSON text strings). Supports searching for e…

by JDP Science - 1 month ago
Zyah AF Msg Forwarding
A utility to aid in automatc Actor Framework message forwarding based off of (interface) inheritance. Includes the utility, different message maps and a base actor that utilizes both.

by Zyah Solutions - 1 month ago
Malleable Buffer
A Circular Buffer implimentation using Malleable VIs: -- Any Type, 1D or 2D buffer array -- Allows by-value, or DVR by-reference using the same API functions Known Issue: LabVIEW compiler as of 2020 does not always recompile correctly --> use force recompile (hold ctrl key and click Run arrow…

by JDP Science - 1 month ago
IG AutoComplete
Provides a minimal API (1 VI!) to create an autocomplete style text search where filtered results based on entered text is displayed. This can leverage it's own popup UI or it can be linked to an existing ListBox. Utilizing an existing ListBox is a workaround needed when playing around with the Top…

by Illuminated G - 1 month ago
Epoch Date & Time
Epoch Date & Time is a unified time library for LabVIEW This library provides support for UTC, Unix and GPS Epochs, enabling the conversion of timestamps into the proper frame of reference. It supports leap seconds to accurately convert from UTC (coordinatad universal time) to GPS (global positi…

by G Open Source Project for LabVIEW - 1 month ago
Hooovahh Array VIMs
This package contains Array functions converted into VIMs, primarily taken from the OpenG Array package. With minor improvements and optimizations using newer array manipulation techniques.

by Hooovahh - 1 month ago
DQMH CLI Module Validation
Provide a G CLI custom step to run DQMH(R) module validator tool via command line interface. This will allow you to integrate DQMH(R) module validation as part of your CI steps.

by DQMH Consortium - 1 month ago

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