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Face Recognition by 4SmartMachines - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Recognizes faces together with their location and pose in an image. Uses advanced algorithms for robust results.

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ReleasedApr 06, 2020
Publisher 4SmartMachines
License Not Specified
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW x64>=16.0
Operating System Windows x64
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This VI lib represents an advanced face recognition system. It will find the location and pose of faces in an image with the help of deep learning algorithms. It will then recognize the face by finding the closest match to faces in a database.
Additionally, you can also compare two images to see whether the depicted persons are the same or different.
The VIs now also return face descriptor vectors so that you can do your own analysis functions on the detected faces.

In order to run fast it can use a CUDA-enabled GPU. However, it can also run only on CPU (with much slower speed).

The VI extracts the location of a face in the image and will return its rectangle. The pose information consists of 5 prominent features of the face (e.g. eye location, nose location). It will also return the top 5 best matches with faces in a database. There is also a VI in the package that constructs such a face database from example images.

In comparison to the OpenCV face detection example this detector provides superior detection performance also for non-frontal faces.

Note: This installer requires LabVIEW and VI Package Manager to be run with Administrator privileges.

*** NI VISION, LabView 64-Bit is required

Release Notes (Apr 06, 2020)

- new functions to compare faces (Is it the same or a different person?)
- compute face descriptor vectors for your own analysis
- now also runs on CPUs with only SSE2 instruction sets or higher (formerly AVX was required)

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