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BioRobotics Common Tools by Cleveland Clinic BioRobotics Lab - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Common tools used in BioRobotics Laboratory Applications

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ReleasedMay 30, 2019
Publisher Cleveland Clinic BioRobotics Lab
License BSD
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=15.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
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This package includes the common tools used in BioRobotics Laboratory Applications. These include reusable vi's for:
- 6-axis math
- Array
- Communication
- File
- Application Control
- Mathematics
- Signal Processing
- Waveform
- Windows Utilities
- Dialog and User Interface

Release Notes (May 30, 2019)

Added Quaternion Combine functions
Added Pie Chart Functions

Added exponential filter pt by pt functions
Added Task Manager Applications function

Added LLS Optimization functions
Added function to calculate angle deviations (x, y and z) and resultant change given transformation matrix

Added VIs for Redundant Calls and Naming

Added Split
Password protected library and removed licensing

Added Replace Empty String
Improved error handling for Get Active Application Path and Get ProgramData Path
Modified Get ProgramData Path to not include BioRobotics
Modified function to search multiple installed VI libraries. Added input to allow only searching old versions
Added Arrange Subpanel Function to allow for automated arrangement of subpanels
Added function to programatically set control position and size
Added function to programatically set control value (signaling)
Added TCP File Receiver_Connection and TCP File Sender_Connection

Changed some palettes to improve navigation. General Tools replaced with Application Control and Dialog and User Interface.
Fixed issue with multiple progress bars of same name. Still need to be sure to give different names for proper behavior, but will no longer throw error when sometimes the Timed Structure names get corrupted even when names were unique.
Modified cosmetics of progress bar
Open Block Diagram password screen now allows enter button press for OK

Improved execution speed and memory management of several functions
Revised 6-axis Mirror functionality for execution speed and ease of use
FileManager Write to Log File displayed message was expanded to included both message and error
Added Window functions in Signal Processing Folder
Added VIs to search multiple installed VI libraries
Added VI to return ProgramData directory

Improved progress bar stop behavior to not allow errors to kill it, and added delay timer input
Improved log functionality by reducing size of button that closes all labview applications
Fixed issue in where the y-component of axis should have been negated. Also, added a "Handle Singularity" input that gives the option to ignore singularities.
Added the mirror function that is in the simVITRO library to be able to reflect spatial relationships
Added "Project Points on" and "Unit Vector Normal to"
Added new Vis to palette

Changed re-entrancy of more vi's capable of being re-entrant. Moved from shared clone to pre-allocated clone to reduce jitter.
Improved behavior of press and hold direction button x-control. Also added init as 0 so that only real button presses can be handled and values or zero are only for init changes from edit to run mode and vice versa.
Added matrix to quaternion and quaternion to Q transpose matrix functions to linear algebra
Added Open Block Diagram debug tool
Added Send Email - handles SSL unlike native LabVEW email functions. Fixed issue with releasing attachment references.
Added Watchdog timer so we can initialize timers by name and access duration since initialization by name
Added new feature to File Manager FGV. Get Parameter>New Experiment Run used to return error, but it now predicts what the next experiment run will most likely be. Fixed issue in FileManager FGV that creates incorrect paths when empty parameters are entered. Modified FileManager Autoincrement function to handle 4 digit experiment run numbers in the case where it rolls over the 999 value.
Added log file functionality to FileManager
Added pause functionality to timer
Added functions for programatically getting and setting front panel size and pane location so that the user always has the intended interface.
Added file search functions to File

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