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Biometric Login Toolkit Server (System) by Blue Ridge Test - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

The Biometric Login Server manages access and provides connectivity to the fingerprint reader and Biometric Login Database.

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ReleasedMay 19, 2016
Publisher Blue Ridge Test
License Blue Ridge Test Software License Agreement
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=0
Operating System Windows
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The Biometric Login Toolkit is a plug-in for LabVIEW which enables functionality for managing enrollment, identification, verification, and diagnostics to create a more secure application. The toolkit allows developers to restrict access to specified application features based on login level and enables tracking application activity (who did what… and when).

The toolkit includes everything you need to implement user login today, including dialogs for Employee Enrollment, Fingerprint Enrollment, Login (By Finger), Login (By Finger or Name/Password), Login (By Name/Password), New Password, Fingerprint Reader Diagnostics, Display Colors, and Identification Parameters.

Biometric Key Features:
- Secure: Eliminate the risk of false identification associated with text dialogs and name badges (actual fingerprint images are not retained)
- Fast: No typing required for identification or verification activities
- Reliable: Utilizes the very latest, award-winning, fingerprint recognition software
- Maintenance Free: No passwords to remember or reset
- Configurable: Customize access levels, identification match parameters, fingerprint template colors, and whether to display a substitute image during login

Rich feature set, simple integration:
- Launches all dialogs in VI Server to facilitate integration into any architecture
- Supports multiple simultaneous applications while restricting access to the fingerprint reader
- Identification (1-to-many) and Verification (1-to-1) modes
- SQL Server database schema is provided
- Included example demonstrates all aspects of the implementation

Problems solved:
- Ignoring application security because of project schedules or budgets
- Security risk inherent to text based login and name badges
- Password aging and maintenance
- Repetitive Name/Password dialogs hinder end user productivity

Release Notes (May 19, 2016)

Supports BRT Shutdown Current Dialog.

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