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CalcExpress by Konstantin Shifershteyn - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download


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ReleasedMay 19, 2016
Publisher Konstantin Shifershteyn
License CalcExpress License Agreement
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=9.0
Operating System Windows
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CalcExpress Toolkit is a set of VIs and utilities to perform textual scripts and evaluate formulas. It consists of a script processor (CSE), a formula parser (CalcExpress) and a data management tool (VarMan). It also includes a set of VIs to solve some mathematical tasks.

Utilizing scripts in a LabVIEW application makes it possible to dynamically change behavior of the application with no need to revamp its code. Scripts can be used for computation, signal processing, controlling data acquisition, executing control algorithms and so on. It's very important that CalcExpress provides capability to extend its functionality by adding user-defined functions and data types.


*) CalcExpress script is a text stream that can be read from a front panel control, file, network connection, etc. Scripts can be edited at runtime with no need to modify a VI diagram.

*) Syntax of CalcExpress script is similar to the LabVIEW Formula Node and C language syntax. A script can involve loops, branches and jumps, along with expression statements.

*) Scripts are not restricted to computational functions, they can include all functions of a LabVIEW application; e.g. control over data acquisition devices, VI execution, interaction with users, etc.

*) CalcExpress operates on data of various datatypes such as numeric scalars (real and complex), strings and arrays thereof. Also, it is possible to operate on data of user-defined types.

*) CalcExpress operators and functions are polymorphic just as LabVIEW functions.

*) CalcExpress comes with more than 250 predefined functions to perform mathematical computations, signal processing, data manipulation, file operations, VI control and synchronization, interaction with user, etc.

*) User-defined functions can be implemented as VIs, called FuncVIs. With a use of the FuncVI mechanism, it is possible to easily implement a user-defined function of any complexity.

*) CalcExpress operates on variables with the use of Variable Manager - a tool that provides both exclusive and cooperative access to variables for different parts of an application, including scripts. It also provides dynamic creating and destroying variables, collecting historical data of a variable and lots of other functions.

*) CalcExpress is reentrant and multithreaded. It can independently execute several scripts at a time.


CalcExpress palettes are located in Addons function and control palettes.
Menu file: \vi.lib\addons\CalcExpress\dir.mnu


You can find CalcExpress utilities in "Tools>>CalcExpress" menu. Select "Examples Navigator" from the menu to review examples provided.


CalcExpress documentation is provided as a set of .HLP files. You might experience issue of reading these files under Windows Vista and Windows 7. In order to make it possible to read CalcExpress help files under these operating systems, you can download and install WinHlp32 utility from the Microsoft web site:


CalcExpress Toolkit is not free. It works in Evaluation Mode until you purchase a license and activate it.
Use "Tools>>CalcExpress>>Help and Support>>Activate CalcExpress" menu for purchasing and activation.
Users of CalcExpress version 2.4 and later can update to this version for free.

Release Notes (May 19, 2016)

*) UI update for utilities, examples and interactive functions (FuncVIs).
*) Displaying functions (probe, graphs and variable history) are updated. Now, these functions properly reuse opened windows. As well, these functions are included to a built application by default.
*) CalcExpress template VIs are available in "New..." menu.

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