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COS Azure Kinect Sensor&Body Tracking by COS - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

LabVIEW library to control Azure Kinect Sensor & Body Tracking

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ReleasedOct 25, 2022
Publisher COS
License Not Specified
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW x64>=21.0
Operating System Windows
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COS Azure Kinect Sensor&Body; Tracking for LabVIEW current version encapsulates the depth, vision and imu sensor control and real-time human body 32 joint point tracking.

Hardwsre Required
Azure Kinect DK (

01) Depth camera access and mode control (a passive IR mode, plus wide and narrow field-of-view depth modes)
02) RGB camera access and control (for example, exposure and white balance)
03) Directly access point cloud data
04) Motion sensor (gyroscope and accelerometer) access
05) Synchronized Depth-RGB camera streaming with configurable delay between cameras
06) External device synchronization control with configurable delay offset between devices
07) Camera frame meta-data access for image resolution, timestamp, etc.
08) Device calibration data access
09) Point cloud to triangle mesh reconstruction function
10) Bilateral filtering and smoothing of triangular mesh data
11) Triangular mesh data storage and reading
12) Real-time human body 32 joint point tracking and rendering
13) *c3d file read and write.

It is believed that you can easily apply the API to your LabVIEW application.

Update history

01) Only supports NVIDIA graphics card, and it is 2 series or less(1.0.1).
02) UPU mode requires CUDA driver to be installed(1.0.1).
03) Add support for NVIDIA RTX 30xx series GPUs(cuda_11.1.1+Recommended NVIDIA driver version472.84 (Studio)) (2.0.1).
04) CPU mode no longer requires NVIDIA CUDA dependencies(2.0.1).
05) Added body tracking data to save, read standard *c3d files(2.0.1)
06) Optimize the problem of insufficient IMU memory(2.0.1)

For successful installation of dependencies it's required to run the VIPM
and LabVIEW with admin rights

***Notice that COS Azure Kinect Sensor&Body; TrackingToolkit provides a 7-day trial***

COS Azure Kinect Sensor&Body; Tracking from COS

REV 2.0,00/2022/1021

Build by: COS


Original Release

Release Notes (Oct 25, 2022) no release notes for this version

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