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XLR8 by DATA AHEAD - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

XLR8 is a tool to read and write Microsoft Excel(R) files at high performance with full file compatibility, utilizing Microsoft .NET 2.0 technology.

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ReleasedMay 03, 2023
Publisher DATA AHEAD
License EULA for DATA AHEAD "XLR8"
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=14.0
Operating System Windows
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JKI Package Manager 2017 or newer is required to install XLR8

XLR8 is a LabVIEW API that offers a variety of read, write, and formatting functions for Microsoft Excel (R) files in the “xls” and "xlsx" format, intended for the typical use in automated measurements and tests. It can be used to exchange parameters or create reports in native Microsoft Excel (R) file format. Deployed software using XLR8 does not require a licensed copy of Microsoft Excel (R) and does not use ActiveX/COM communication.

You can evaluate XLR8 for 30 days, after that a developer license can be purchased. Deployment of programs using XLR8 is free of charge.

Supported functionality (XLR8 2018.2.1.8)
* Microsoft Excel (R) 95-2003 "XLS" file format
* Microsoft Excel (R) 2007-2016 "XLSX" file format
* Reading, editing and writing of files
* Cell types: Strings, Numbers, Dates, Formulas
* Read and write "named ranges"
* Cell formatting operations:
* Font (type, style, color)
* Cell color
* Cell border style and color
* Wrap text
* Border areas in style and colors
* Merge cells
* Specify data format
* Sheet formatting operations:
* Rows / columns
* Width / Height
* Grouping
* Hiding
* Insert rows (retaining format)
* Delete rows
* Split sheets
* Insert Images
* Zoom, gridline display
* Footer / header for printouts

XLR8 requires LabVIEW 2014 or higher and the Microsoft .NET framework 4.0.
Installation requires JKI Package Manager 2017 or newer.

Support information:
A quick reference guide can be found in ..\National Instruments\LabVIEW xx\help\DATA AHEAD GmbH\XLR8\
For technical support contact DATA AHEAD at

Release Notes

2023.4.0.2 (May 03, 2023)

v2023.4 (April 2023)
- rebuild of the package from December 2022. A setting from the build process made it impossible to install XLR8 in LabVIEW 2023 Q1.
- changes: A hint in the quick reference guide about the problems of activating a third-party toolkit in the 64-bit versions of LabVIEW 2017/2018/2019.
- no functional changes to the codebase of the previous release.

v2022.12 (December 2022)
- Bugfix: Starting with LabVIEW 2021 an error occured in the VI "Read All", if the Excel file contained more than one worksheet. This error has now been resolved.
- change: the creation of an internal error message has been changed.

v2021.8 (August 2021)
- change: .NET4 assembly based on Npoi v2.5.4
- change: dropped support for LabVIEW 2011-2013
- change: additional image file options on "Insert image from". New connector pane to make
this change visible in existing code.
- Bugfix: Insert LVImage also available in LV Base Package
- Bugfix: xlsx File can now be opened for all Windows language settings

v2019.2 (February 2019)
- links to help file for all write operations have been missing
- better explanation of deactivation procedure in quick reference guide

v2018.3 (March 2018)
- license can be deactivated if activated online in LabVIEW 2014+
- dropped support for LabVIEW 2010
- .NET memory leaks are fixed
- fixed bug on 'Save Workbook', was not working with xls-format
- fixed bug, that within xlsx-files the Excel option "Set Precision as displayed" was always activated
- fixed bug on "(Clear Sheet and) Write Area" - was not working correctly with xlsx-format
- changed internal error codes to a new range reserverd by NI for XLR8
- expanded functionality of "Insert Image"
- expanded functionality for merging cells, allowing un-merging and checking if a merge request is valid
- extended color selection for cell borders with the xlsx file format
- Several settings on "Insert" resulted in .NET exception errors. Those are fixed now.
- expanded documentation
- several minor bug fixes

v2.4.2 (Sep 6, 2016)
- bug "Open Create Workbook" when creating xls-format fixed

v2.4.1 (July 21, 2016)
- 'Append Area' (empty sheet) bug fixed
- Font Cell/ Get Cellstyle: Alignment
- 'Save Workbook' bug fixed
- 'Insert Image' input 'scale' added

v2.3.1 (July 30, 2015)
- new polymorphic function "color Area"
- new function "Get Cellstyle"
- "write to named range" automaticly selects the corresponding sheet (#928)
- "close Workbook" outputs the original file path (#1196)
- "close Workbook" input "save file" is recommended not required (#1196)
- "format Area" policy bug fixed (#1176)
- "Wrap Text" style bug fixed (#1173)
- "hyperlink" bug in xlsx fixed (#804)
- "get named ranges" outputs the corresponding sheet with the correct rows and columns (#984)
- "delete sheet" removes corresponding named ranges (#798)
- "read Area" reading below last row bug (#802)
- performance improvements in style handling
- improved memory handling

v2.2.1 (April 23, 2015)

Documentation missing

v2.1.1 (Mar 17, 2015)
- Optimized multiple save operations (#562, #750)
- "Read Area (All Types)" double as date interpretation solved (#423)
- "Read Area (All Types)", formula results are now user-selectable (#738, #739)
- "Wipe Sheet" functionality improved (#731)
- multiple sheets selected issue solved (#722, #700)
- "Get Named Ranges" returns the correct row and column value (#736)
- Charts are no longer modified by XLR8 (#711, #627)
- correct display of formula results (#710)
- writes blank cells for NaN or Inf values in "Write Area" (#326)
- no longer underlines text when changing the font of a cell (#427)
- improved memory consumption when opening XLS files repeatedly (#794)
- enhanced and clarified documentation of various VIs

v2.0.2 (October 02, 2014)
- read and write acces of template while using it (take care: overwriting the opened report doesn´t work)
- append area issue solved
- fixed underlining bug
- minor bug fixes

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