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SP7 by DATA AHEAD - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

SP7 is a tool to directly communicate with Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLCs over Ethernet. It does not require any additional third party Software.

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ReleasedJun 24, 2019
Publisher DATA AHEAD
LicenseEULA for DATA AHEAD "SP7"
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=11.0
Operating System Windows
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JKI Package Manager 2014 or higher is required to install SP7

SP7 is an easy-to-use LabVIEW API that offers a variety of read and write functions for Siemens PLCs. SP7 is also fully functional in real time environments.

You can evaluate SP7 for 30 days, after that a developer license can be purchased.

SP7 requires LabVIEW 2011 or newer.
There are no specific OS requirements as SP7 only uses basic LabVIEW functions.

Support information:
A quick reference guide (which also explains the activation of the toolkit) can be found in ..\National Instruments\LabVIEW xx\help\DATA AHEAD GmbH\SP7\
or click in LabVIEW on "Help" -> "DATA AHEAD" -> "SP7 Quick Reference Guide (PDF)..." which opens a short reference or click on "Help" -> DATA AHEAD" -> SP7... which opens a detailed documentation for each VI.

For technical support contact DATA AHEAD at

Release Notes

2019.6.0.6 (Jun 24, 2019)

v2019.6 (June 2019)
- New / Bug fix: connection to a S7-200 requires same TSAP-settings as Logo8
- New: a version VI lets you read out the version number of the API.
- New: Telegram size between API and S7 PLC is determined dynamically. Impacts S7-1500 & S7-400 only.
- New: More datatypes for read/write DB
- Bugfix: DB write Word array: standard value for "offset" was 10.
- Change: former error code 6010 is now splitted to several error codes
- Change: improved doccumentation (help file AND quick reference guide)

v2018.6 (June 2018)
- New: single boolean calls have been added for: Read/Write DB, Read/Write M, Read DI, Write DO
- Bug fix: SP7 connect VI did not always correctly set the "connected?" flag insode the SP7 connection cluster

v2018.4 (April 2018)
- the March 2018 release contains a memory leak error when reading/writing data very fast. That bug is fixed with this release. We recommend for everyone to update and not use v2018.3.0.5

v2018.3 (March 2018)
- support for Siemens LOGO! 8
- reentrancy for all read and write VIs
- additional connection options for S7-400
- Attention: dropping support for LabVIEW 2010
- New: Deactivation of toolkit license will be possible if activated in a LabVIEW version >= 2014
- Extended documentation

v1.8 (June, 23, 2017)
- read/write DB STRING: introduced input for string length and renamed STRING to STRING Array

v1.7 (May,9,2016)
- now enum PLC Type for 200, 300/400 and 1200/1500
- documentation adopted
- Init_Adapter_TCP Connect to Adapter -> different for different PLC types
- examples adopted

v1.6 (Sep, 29, 2015)
- empty Input Array fixed
- #795 connected boolean fixed
- #1231 optimized error handling
- additional support of S7 1200 plc
- extended documentation

v1.5 (July 19, 2015)
- #820 maximum offsets and values are not limited by SP7 anymore
- #795 reliability of connection indicator in open connection
- #763 added more datatypes in DB functionality "S5Time, Date, Date+Time"
- extended documentation
- performance improvements

v1.4 (June 03, 2015)
- Limitation changes of read functionality

v1.3 (April 23, 2015)
- new write AO functionality

v1.2 (March 30, 2015)
- extended documentation
- performance improvements
- #788 "read DO" reads an array of values
- #818 "read DI" reads an array of values
- #761 "read AI" reads an array of values
- #763 new read and write DB datatypes:

Install with VIPM Download Package

Note, you must have the VIPM Desktop app to install this package into LabVIEW.


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