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Dynamic VI Handler by PhysicsConsult - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Load, Run, Handle, and Release VIs on demand. Join separately developed VIs to a Dynamic System.

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ReleasedMay 08, 2017
Publisher PhysicsConsult
License Not Specified
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=12.0
Operating System Windows
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Dynamic VI Handler is a collection of VIs to programmatically
- Load, run, handle, and release VIs on demand.
- Join separately developed VIs to a Dynamic System.
- Upscale existing systems by adding VIs.
- Transfer data to idle or running VIs.
- Occupy RAM only by called VIs.
- Reduce processor load by closing VIs.
- Enhance user experience by preloading.

Handler Actions
- Abort-Close
- Abort
- Close
- Get_Controls
- Hide
- Recall_Settings
- Run Hidden
- Run Standard
- Save
- Save_Settings
- Set_Controls
- Show
- Stop Smoothly
- Stop-Close Smoothly

- Placed in Folder \examples\PhysicsConsult\Dynamic VI Handler
- Accessed from LabVIEW in two ways:
- LabVIEW > Menu Tools > Dynamic VI Handler
- LabVIEW > Menu Help > Find Examples > Browse > Directory Structure > PhysicsConsult > Dynamic VI Handler.

(1) Simple Example - Simply Control Target VI by selecting Handler Action.
(2) VI Handler Demo - Control Target VI by selecting Handler Action.
(3) Coupled Controls - Share Control between several VIs.
(4) Set Arbitrary Control - Set Arbitrary Control of Target VI.
(5) Get Arbitrary Control - Get Arbitrary Control from Target VI.
(6) Dynamic System - Handle SubVIs Dynamically and Transfer Data between them.
Use as template for Program-Controlled Interacting Dynamic Systems.

Reference to Used VI Sources
VIs in Palettes and Examples are based on
- OpenG Toolkit VIs

Support Contact
Reimar Spohr

Release Notes (May 08, 2017) no release notes for this version

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