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Error Structure Drawer by Stuart J. Box - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

A LabVIEW Quick-Drop (QD) plug-in for drawing an error structure on the block diagram.

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ReleasedNov 30, 2023
Publisher Stuart J. Box
License BSD 3-Clause
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=17.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
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A LabVIEW Quick-Drop plug-in for implementing the standard LabVIEW error handling functionality: it draws an error structure around existing elements on the block diagram.

The default shortcut from Quick-Drop is
Ctrl + e


Many of the plugin's config settings can be easily modified from within "". These settings include the style used for creating error controls, alignment type used for controls and indicators, and the spacings used between various elements.


The plugin has slightly different functionality depending on what items (if any) are already on the block diagram, but the general behaviour includes:

- Creates a new case structure around existing block diagram elements.
- Creates a new error control and error terminal if not already present on the top-level diagram.
- Moves all control and indicator terminals present on the top-level diagram to position them on the left and right of the new case structure respectively. Also aligns each group.
- Wires the error control to the new case structure's selector terminal, and wires from the inside of the selector terminal through the error case to the error indicator.
- Connects the error control and error indicator to the connector pane - to the bottom-left and bottom-right nodes respectively.

Release Notes (Nov 30, 2023)

- Add an option to use NXG error controls (only works for versions of LabVIEW with NXG controls available). The plugin's default primary style is to use the default control style used by LabVIEW, with NXG style as the plugin's default secondary style, which is used if the primary style is not found. The plugin's styles can be changed in
- Add functionality to automatically revert to using Modern error controls if developer's primary and secondary control style choices don't exist.
- Add automatic option for selecting control and indicator alignment. Automatic selects the recommended alignment type based on LabVIEW's default label positions. For example, it will use "align left" when labels are on the right, and "align right" when labels are on the left. Automatic is now the default alignment option for the plugin. The alignment option can be changed in
- Improve positioning of wires, particularly in cases where controls or indicators are higher or lower on the block diagram than the rest of the code.
- Add cleaning of wires inside the case structure that are identified as being at risk of becoming overlapped with other wires as a result of running the plugin.
- Fix issue where the process fails when either an error control or an error indicator, but not both, is present before running the plugin.
- Increase default whitespace around and inside the border of the case structure. The plugin's whitespace values can be changed in

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