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LabVIEW TwinCAT ADS by FisoThemes - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Unofficial LabVIEW TwinCAT API for communicating with Beckhoff PLCs via ADS

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ReleasedMar 20, 2023
Publisher FisoThemes
License MIT
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=18.0
Operating System Windows
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Easy to use Unofficial LabVIEW TwinCAT API for communicating with Beckhoff PLCs via ADS. Features include Invoking Rpc Methods, Reading/Writing of PLC variables (including all Standard, Time, Strings, WStrings, Structs composed of the aforementioned, Nested STRUCTs and Multi-dimensional Arrays of the aforementioned datatypes), introspective capabilities (get the symbol and type information), the ability to build your own low-level VIs via Extensions and more.

Release Notes (Mar 20, 2023)

+ Disconnect no longer disposes of resources.
+ Please use the Dispose VI after you you are done.
+ No need to use Disconnect before Dispose. Dispose of will disconnect for you.
+ When using Extensions do not close references without an asterisk(*), those references are used internally. They're managed for you.

New Features:
Symbols auto-update when you Login with download, Restart TwinCAT System or Activate TwinCAT whilst connected on the LabVIEW side. Online Change, however, is still not supported.
+ Events
- Read symbols with events.
- ADS state events.
- Connection state change events.
- AMS router change event.
- Symbol Version change event.

+ No need to match the array size with Beckhoff array size to write.
+ Improved reading and writing speeds of Time and Date types, strings, wstrings.
+ Improved reading and writing speeds of large structs and arrays of large structs.
+ Improved naming of terminals controls of indicators.

+ no longer stops you from compiling code executable.
+ Fixed memory leak, caches .NET AdsDataTypeInfo were not closed on disconnect/disposal.
+ Invoke method handles now deleted disconnect/disposal.

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