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Magic Connector Linker by GENIVIEW - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Magic Connector Linker saves time you waste on linking front panel controls to tiny fields of a connector pane

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ReleasedJul 12, 2017
Publisher GENIVIEW
LicenseNot Specified
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=12.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
Project links Homepage  


What is it?
Magic Connector Linker is a little LabVIEW add-on that speeds up arduous process of building connector pane.
Replace all precise clicks necessary to do this properly ("This connection is...") with just a few clicks.

Additionally you will get:
1. Nicely looking front panels of your subVIs
2. Gentle push towards few good programming practices like using 4-2-2-4 connectors or documenting default values of optional controls

How to use it?
1. Drop big pattern of a connector pane onto the front panel
2. Place your controls on the pattern
3. Click 'Connect controls'

Installation notes
After installation restart LabVIEW to refresh menus and/or palettes.

Do you want to post a bug? Suggest new feature? Please, leave a comment at Product Homepage.
Or email us at

Release Notes (Jul 12, 2017)

- New TabClick shortcut: Tabclicking (tab-selecting) Magic Pattern brings Magic Connector Linker's window to front
- Copy VI Name option added to context menu
- Improved Copy Image context menu option (doesn't crop the image anymore)

Install with VIPM Download Package

Note, you must have the VIPM Desktop app to install this package into LabVIEW.


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