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GPower Expression Parser by GPower - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Parses and evaluates mathematical string expressions into numeric values.

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ReleasedSep 17, 2019
Publisher GPower
License GPower SLA
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=13.0
Operating System Windows
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This toolset enables you to evaluate mathematical expressions, supplied as strings, into numeric values:

"SIN(x)/2-COS(x)/2" where x=pi -> 0.5

Being able to evaluate string expressions enables you to define and change mathematical expressions at runtime instead of being forced to define them statically at edit time.

Evaluating mathematical expressions is an important part of any programming language, and of LabVIEW especially, as LabVIEW is used often in domains where math is fundamental, such as simulations, modelling, machine control, signal conditioning and much more. The GPower Expression Parser toolset sports a number of unique features:

GPower Expression Parser features:
- Build and change your math expressions at runtime.
- More than 260 math functions and constants supported.
- Very high performance. Typically millions of evals/s, and thus close in performance to doing the math with static LabVIEW function blocks.
- Supports any number of variables of any name.
- Supports VI Registers (variables which let your math depend on anything in LabVIEW).
- Reports overflow if that occurs during evaluation.
- Supports all 14 numeric data types that LabVIEW offers, including complex evaluation.
- Offers special expression control like conditionals, piecewise defined functions, pulse trains, and defining your own custom periodic functions.

Release Notes

2018.1.0.27 (Sep 17, 2019)

v2018.1 9/9 2019:
- Dependency on Error toolkit changed from build 39 to 38.

v2018 19/3 2018:
- Licensing issue fixed: Package now supports deactivation for move from one developer computer to another.

v2017.1 16/11 2017:
- Syntax error when using %CH fixed.

v2017 5/1 2017:
- Added support for a number of additional characters in variable names: #, $, @, _ (underscore), and ASCII characters 127-255.
- Improved syntax checking to catch "implicit separators", like "x.2" being wrongfully parsed as "x;.2".
- 3x speedup in package install and toolset VI load times.

v2016.1 12/12 2016:
- Added support for VI Register 2016.

v2016 28/7 2016:
- Fixed a bug where in certain cases n-ary functions evaluated to 0.

v2015 20/2 2015:
- Initial public release.

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