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GPower Timing by GPower - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Delays and measurements of elapsed and remaining time.

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ReleasedJul 31, 2019
Publisher GPower
License BSD
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=12.0
Operating System Windows
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This toolset offers:

- Functions to measure elapsed time, remaining time, and cycle time in your code.
- Advanced delays.
- Time conversion functions.
- Functions to get/set system date, time and timezone (Windows only).

Release Notes

2017.0.1.27 (Jul 31, 2019)

v2017.0.1 29/5 2019:
- Connected error in with error out in, and

v2017 4/2 2017:
- Added TARGET_TYPE conditional disable structures around the Windows-only VIs within this library (GetSystemTime, GetSystemTimeZone, GetSystemTimeZones, SetSystemTime, and SetSystemTimeZone), such that it is possible to build a Real Time application using this library without removing those VIs from it.

v2016.5 30/6 2016:
- Added the ToDateTimeRec, WaitUntil, and ToTimeStamp functions to the GPTiming.lvlib.
- Backsaved library from LabVIEW 2015 to 2012.

v2016.4 24/6 2016:
- Bugfix: A couple of the us_to_s conversion functions only divided by 1,000. Now they divide by 1,000,000.
- 'Is UTC?' input on ToTimeStamp changed from required to recommended.

v2016.3 8/5 2016:
- Added the ToDateTimeRec and ToTimeStamp functions.

v2016.2 7/5 2016:
- Added the GetSystemTime function.
- Changed the time and date inputs on the SetSystemTime function from separate values to a Date/Time typdedef.

v2016.1 3/5 2016:
- Changed the SetSystemTime function arguments from a timestamp to separate Year, Month, Day Of Month, Hour, Minute, Second, and Millisecond inputs. Also added an 'Is UTC?' input to the function.

v2016 17/4 2016:
- Added the SetSystemTime, GetSystemTimeZone, GetSystemTimeZones, SetSystemTimeZone, and IsLeapYear functions.

v2014 2/12 2014:
- Added the WaitUntil function.
- Bugfix: With an occurrence specified, a zero-wait could wait indefinitely (only affected the seconds, minutes, and hours Wait functions).

v2012.2 9/12 2013:
- Added the DeltaTime function.
- Added the Now function.
- Added 6 time conversion functions.
- Split ElapsedAndRemainingTime into two separate functions (ElapsedTime and RemainingTime).
- Important: The initializer value for ElapsedTime and RemainingTime has been changed from 0 to -1 to avoid the slight possibility to accidently resetting the time counter if you get a ms timer value of 0 ms as your 'Now' time.
- The ElapsedTime and RemainingTime functions have had some data type changes on the timer in- and outputs (from I32 to I64) to avoid an overflow bug that was present in ElapsedAndRemainingTime.
- ElapsedTime is now offered as a polymorphic VI with three user selectable time ranges: milliseconds as before (but with a doubled timing range), microseconds (for Real-Time only), and timestamp (which can count elapsed time until the year 3000).
- The 'This start time out' output on the ElapsedAndRemainingTime function has been renamed to 'Now' on the ElapsedTime and RemainingTime functions.
- Added the newly added Wait functions to the GPTiming library!

v2012.1 17/11 2013:
- Added Wait functions to wait seconds, minutes and hours for longer delays.
- Now allows install on Linux and Macintosh in addition to Windows.

v2012 11/9 2013:
- Changed to versioning that follows the base LabVIEW version.

v2.1 20/8 2013:
- Updated to support Error & Warning toolset v3.0.

v2.0 1/1 2013:
- Added 'This start time out' output to the ElapsedAndRemainingTime function.
- Inlined all functions for more precise timing.
- Converted toolset into an lvlib.

v1.0 15/3 2012:
- Initial public release.

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