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LabVIEW Scripting Tools by University of Leeds - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

A LabVIEW 8.6.1 Library of VIs to help with scripting.

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ReleasedMay 02, 2016
Publisher University of Leeds
License BSD
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=8.6
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
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This is a LabVIEW 8.6.1 Library of VIs to help with scripting.

The public VIs include routines to get hold of the block diagram references, control terminal references, get the connector pane reference and select the connector pane pattern and wire controls up to it. There are a number of routines to help wire the block diagram up, including creating a selection of the primitives (I got bored of coding them all up !).

I've stuck in some routines that work with tags - hidden away is the capability to tag LabVIEW vi-server objects with arbitary data. One possibility is to use this to identify bits of the block diagram of a vi for moving and rewiring via scripting.

The scripting Tools includes a separate XNode support library that provides routines to help scripting and terminal adaptation in XNodes.

There are some routines to help with undo transactions new to this release.

NB If you are installing this with the Array XNodes (also from the Code repository) then I strongly recommend unzipping the two files into the same common directory and preserving the names. That should help linkage problems.

Release Notes (May 02, 2016)

Change Log:
0.24.0 Added Copy and WireTagged Element function and replaced Find tagged and replace function with a bug fixed one - both contributions of Greg Sands
0.23.0 Added a Find Control Index in ConPane function courtesy of Eric Bobillier
0.22.02 Connected the Check Cluster Term Type to the connector pane and implmenented a new test for all cluster elements being of the same (top level) type.
0.22.01 Correct the Array type sortable test in XNode support, add a new test for no more than N dimsnions in the Array tests in XNode support, add a new VI to find tunnels in structures based on the names of terminals on the wires connected to the outside of the structure. Removed dependencies on OpenG array tools
0.21.05 Add an additional XNode supprt vi to help on the GenerateCode ability. Create palette menu in VIPM
0.21.04 Imporved the Set Tag on Selected Object Example to eliminate an error message when setting a tag for the first time and to run continuosly waiting for objects to be selected.
0.21.03 Mad package name and product name consistent and added old name to Incompatible packages.
0.21.02 Fixed a bug in checking if a variant type is sortable - complex numbers aren't (!) and clusters might be. Some cosmetic tidying up of front panels as well.
0.21.01 Added a new routine to walk down a wire from a point and find all the terminals that are downstream.
0.20.02 Repackaged as a VI Package Manager File with custom palette files installed in a LAVAG Category.
0.20.01 Repackage for LV 8.6.1. Include menu files in the library.
Add a new palette of unfo control vis to control undo/redo operations in scripting.
Add a new palette of copy-paste control
Add a new Create Primitive by Enclosure vi that simulates drawing around the BD contents
Add some preliminary code for analysing and modifying structure tunnel properties - use default if not wired etc.
Add some more examples including a JKISoft RCF Framework plugin that will wrap the entire contents of a vi in an error cluster.
0.18.01 Repackage for LV 8.5.1
Change Create Free Text Label to polymorphic and add a polymorph for creating labels on block diagrams
0.17.01 Adds another routine for XNode support to get the terminal descriptor from a vi reference.
0.16.02 Update .opgb file to allow the library to be built as an OpenG package file for install via VIPM
0.16.01 Minor bug fixes, added a routine to convert a ref to an enum describing its class, reworked find all objects
to get the selector tunnel of a case structure too. Added a number of routines to the XNode Support
0.15.01 Added new routines to tidy up wires and delete LV objects.
Added a new example that will take a selected case structure without a wire selector, looks for
an error cluster wire that tunnels in and out, deletes the in tunnel and wires it to the selector
instead. This is for those situations when you realise you should have wrapped your vi in an error
case structure... !
0.14.02 Fixed the cleanup wiring example by adding a routine to return references for wires specifically.
0.14.01 Added a routine to create a free text label on a vi front panel.
0.13.02 Added routines to create constants and controls/indicators from aribtary variant data. Reorganised some
of the tagging support vi's out of private scope and renamed the misspelt private directory. Added a couple
more examples - one is a tool to set tags on selected elements for doing template based scripting and the
other is a complete (although sparse) XNode that will test whether a single LVObject references, or an array
of LVObject references can be cast to a specific type of reference. (Think about getting all objects in a
diagram and then filtering for those that are decorations, or sub-bi nodes or...). The Generate Code ability
vi of this XNode demonstrates how to use a template vi with tagging to minise the hassle of generating code
for XNodes.

This release is in OpenG Package format
0.12.01 Added a few new routines, one to expand a shift register, one to deterine if an object is selected,
and a polymorphic vi that returns a reference of any given LVObject class (essentially wrapping
class specifier constants for all possible class types). Also added a couple of examples, including
one that will do a clean up wire operation on all selected wires or all wires in the structure.
0.11.01 Wrapped all vis in a case structure wired to error in for error handling
added a get sub-vi nodes in heirarchy and get all sub-vis routines
tried to find and fix the worst wiring excesses
0.10.04 Updated the README
0.10.03 fixed a bug with the creation of (un)bundle by name nodes.
0.10.02 fixes a couple of bugs, and adds some create bundle/unbundle node functions.
0.10.01 Original release

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