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Live HDF5 by UPVI, LLC - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Provides a full-featured interface between LabVIEW and the HDF5 scientific data format

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ReleasedFeb 11, 2021
Publisher UPVI, LLC
License Live HDF5 License
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=15.0
Operating System Windows NT=6.2,Windows NT=6.1
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The Live HDF5 toolkit provides a full-featured interface between LabVIEW and the HDF5 file format. The HDF5 format (hierarchical data format) is a versatile and widely-used format for storing scientific data. It is a self-describing file format that can store arbitrarily complex datatypes in "datasets" arranged in a folder-like hierarchy within the file. Named attributes may also be attached to the datasets or the folders. HDF5 is accessible to such programs as Matlab, IDL, Mathematica, IGOR Pro, C/C++, Fortran, Java, Perl, Python, and is widely used by national laboratories, research centers, and universities. For full details on the HDF5 format and its functions, please visit the HDF5 website at

Live HDF5 makes it easy for LabVIEW programmers to use the HDF5 library. It follows the standard paradigm of "open, read/write, close." Open a file, write a dataset and/or read a dataset, close the file. When a write command is wired, it will analyze the LabVIEW datatype connected and create a corresponding HDF5 datatype in which to store the wired data. During read, the data may be read back into the same datatype or into a LabVIEW variant. With care and a deep understanding of LabVIEW memory, the data may also be read into a different, compatible datatype.

The toolkit provides both high-level read and write functions which handle the low-level HDF5 details. It also provides utility functions to make interaction with HDF5 files easier for LabVIEW users, e.g. a VI to populate a LabVIEW Tree control with the folder structure of an HDF5 file. Finally, the library provides low-level interfaces to most of the other HDF5 functions for power-users with particular needs.

The Live HDF5 toolkit is supported under 32- and 64-bit versions of LabVIEW on Windows version 7 and higher. Note that adminstrator privilges are required for successful installation. See:
Checking LabVIEW Administrator Privileges -

Release Notes (Feb 11, 2021)

== Version (2021-02-10) ==

Initial NI Tools release of 1.2 series

Major changes since version
- Updated to HDF5 1.12.0
- This led to several changes as HDF5 changed their ABI, again. Note that is currently broken
- Ported VIs to match. Note that due to a change in the size of HDF5 references
the datatype of the HDF5 references in LabVIEW changed. Due to the use of
a typedef, this change should be transparaent under most circumstances.
- Upgraded to MSVCRT 142 (Required by HDF5 upgrade)
- Fixed major threading error by reworking error handling. As a result
essentially all HDF5 library calls now go through the h5helper library.
- Updated error handling documentation. Note that the complete HDF5 Error Stack
is no longer returned by default and Recover Error is no longer
required for clean error messages but is still required to determine
specific HDF5 errors.
- Rebuilt HDF5 library with thread-safety features enabled to fix crash
caused by simultaneous Xnode/regular mode accesses. Any HDF5 library
used with Live HDF5 must be built with thread-safe features enabled.
- Added H5Fstart_swmr_write
- Updated Reference VIs to be consistent with HDF5 1.12 reference functions.
Note that documentation is currently incomplete due to incomplete HDF5
- Modified String Sizes parameter in LVH5Tcreate_*_type VIs so that it
also accepts an encoding. This will be used in future development
to support Unicode strings.

Minor changes since version
- Fixed several bugs that caused access violations when writing and
especially reading string attributes
- Made the "Type" input on LVH5Tcreate_*_type required to help avoid such
bugs in the future
- Miscellaneous file structure cleanup
- Fixes in several H5?get_ functions that return strings
- Fixed H5Oget_info (cluster type was incorrect)
- Redirected several deprecated HDF5 calls to their non-deprecated equivalents
- Changed implementation of Not an HDF5 Refnum to a call to H5Iis_valid
- Fixed a few DLL calls that improperly had const marked for non-const
- Fixed a potential threading issue in Select HDF5 File Dialog Core
- Fixed bug in handling of nested VLens under Windows 64
- Fixed bug in handling of extended ASCII characters in string data
- Fixed memory leaks in all H5?read/write functions
- Fixed VI naming issues on palettes for all VIs except polymorphics.
- Documentation overhaul

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