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NI Slot Power Host Example for the NI PXIe-5644R/45R by NI - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Time slot power measurements are important in cellular calibration and many communications standards, such as GSM, CDMA, and LTE. These measurements involve a power in band measurement after passing the signal through a Resolution Bandwidth Filter. Then, the signal's power is measured in discrete slots. This example integrates Slot Power measurement functionality with standard RFSA/RFSG functionality in the instrument driver, and then provides host code to demonstrate a way of using it.

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ReleasedMay 19, 2016
Publisher NI
License NI Sample Code License
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=12.0
Operating System Windows
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This example demonstrates how to use a modified instrument driver bitfile for RFSA/RFSG using a NI PXIe-5644R or 5645R Vector Signal Transceiver to take time slot average power measurements. For more information about these measurements, please see the documentation for the NI Slot Power IP. By opening an RFSA session along with an FPGA session for NI Slot Power IP, slot power measurements can be taken.
Additionally, this package includes a VI that generates a sample multi-slot stepped power input signal via RFSG. This example can be modified to generate more complicated signals.

After installing a VI package containing an instrument driver FPGA Extensions host example, before opening any of the host VIs, move the sub-directories installed under the example parent directory into
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI VST\Custom Bitfiles\ (32-Bit Windows)
C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\NI VST\Custom Bitfiles\ (64-Bit Windows).
The Custom Bitfiles directory may require manual creation, and this process requires administrative privileges. After moving these files, "C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\National Instruments\NI VST\Custom Bitfiles\[Sub-directory Name]\Open FPGA" should be a valid path.

Release Notes (May 19, 2016)

Initial release of NI Slot Power Host Example for the NI PXIe-5644/45R.

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