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NATS Core by Drew Herron - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

NATS Core client for LabVIEW

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ReleasedAug 10, 2022
Publisher Drew Herron
License BSD 3-Clause
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=13.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
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Adds core client Neural Autonomic Transport System (NATS) functionality to LabVIEW. NATS is a lightweight pub/sub messaging system that provides at-most-once QoS messaging.

The entire toolkit is written in native LabVIEW and requires no external dependencies to run the code (other than a freely available functioning NATS server).

To learn more about NATS and to download the free, open-source server application visit

Note: This is not a JetStream-enabled client.

- Written entirely in LabVIEW
- Supports publishing client commands: CONNECT, PUB, HPUB, SUB, UNSUB, PING, PONG
- Supports reading server messages: INFO, MSG, HMSG, PING, PONG, +OK, -ERR
- TCP connection refnum exposed to allow use of LabVIEW 2020+ native TLS
- Server INFO and client CONNECT commands stored in native JSON to aid in futureproofing
- Automatic PONG response to server PING requests for keep-alive functionality
- Server/client configuration checks to validate HPUB usage
- Handles asynchronous server INFO updates during a READ

Examples Included:
- Simple NATS Client Publisher
- Simple NATS Client Reader

Release Notes (Aug 10, 2022)

- First public release

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