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Instrument Control Module by Original Code Consulting - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Instrument Communication Module for LabVIEW ICM is an open-source LabVIEW toolkit for acquiring and writing to "slow" data, such as that coming from instruments.

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ReleasedJun 17, 2021
Publisher Original Code Consulting
License GPL-3.0
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=18.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
Dependencies occ_lib_instrument_control_module_system  
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Instrument Communication Module for LabVIEW ICM is an open-source LabVIEW toolkit, written in LabVIEW 2015, for acquiring and writing to "slow" data. The main structure is that a Bus class defines where data is acquired from and returns a string of data, a Parser class converts the string of data into an array of double precision reals, and an optional Scaling class scales the data values. ICM is extended beyond just instruments that return a string of data by using a No-op Parser child to unflatten a string that contains an array of doubles. This allows the Bus class to include data acquisition models such as NI Daq A/D devices, Modbus devices, and more. An Output class has been planned but not yet implemented, allowing ICM to write to instruments as well as read. It is intended that the ICM project be installed in the directory C:\OCC\ICM If it is installed elsewhere, one can edit the ICM Main to accommodate another location.

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