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lvssh2 by PNR - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

LabVIEW bindings for libssh2

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ReleasedApr 18, 2024
Publisher PNR
License BSD-3-Clause
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=13.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
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lvssh2 provides LabVIEW bindings for libssh2

Supported APIs

- Agent
- Authentication
- Channel
- Known Host
- Session

The public key subsystem is not implemented due to a lack of support in OpenSSH and other major SSH servers.
For more details see

Error Codes
Standard error codes are mapped to error range 5000 through 5999 (0x1388 through 0x176F).
SFTP error codes are mapped to error range 6000 through 6999 (0x1770 through 0x1B57).

There is currently no built-in support for Linux and macOS. Users need to build the libssh2 shared library for these platforms themselves.

Although this project aims to provide complete bindings for libssh2, there are several limitations users need to be aware of:

- Buffer sizes are limited to 2^31-1 bytes (2 GiB) instead of 2^32-1 bytes (4 GiB). The reason for this is that arrays and strings in LabVIEW are limited to 2^31-1 elements. Additional limits may apply due to memory copies when calling external functions.
- This project includes an extension library to provide functionality that cannot otherwise be realized in LabVIEW. Callers can specify a conditional disable symbol LVSSH2_NO_EXTENSIONS=True to disable the extension library. When this conditional disable symbol is set, then all functions utilizing the extension library will turn into stubs.
- The public key subsystem is currently not implemented because of lack of support in OpenSSH and other major SSH servers. You can find more information at ssh-publickeyd.

Release Notes (Apr 18, 2024)

This is the first release of lvssh2.

logmanoriginal was a contributor to this release

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