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New VI From Template (Right-Click Menu Plugin) by Robusto Systems - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Right-Click Menu Plugin (IDE extension) that helps create new VI's and CTL's from templates and add them to a project, library or class

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ReleasedJan 05, 2023
Publisher Robusto Systems
License MIT
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=16.0
Operating System Windows
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This package installs a right-click menu plugin to help create new VI's and CTL's from templates, and add them into a LabVIEW project, LabVIEW library (lvlib) or class (lvclass) more quickly and with fewer clicks.

To launch the tool right-click on a free label (a comment) on the block diagram of a VI and select "New VI From Template...". A GUI will pop-up. The GUI enables the user to select a template VI or CTL and insert a copy of the template file into the project (lvproj), library (lvlib), or class (lvclass) that owns the VI from which the user right-clicked. The GUI displays a preview of the front panel and block diagram of the selected template VI or CTL, to assist in selecting the right template.

This package installs:
1. A LLB file named "New VI From Template.llb" to location: \resource\plugins\PopupMenus\edit time panel and diagram ; For example, to "C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2022\resource\plugins\PopupMenus\edit time panel and diagram" ; This LLB contains the source code of the plugin.
2. Several template VI, VIT, CTL, and CTT files. These are some of the template files we use at Robusto Systems. Feel free to use these templates, or to replace them with your own. The template files are installed in a folder named "Template VIs and CTLs" inside the User Documents folder. For example: "C:\Users\Petru\Documents\Template VIs and CTLs\LabVIEW 2022". Feel free to add your own template files into that folder. You can move the templates folder to a location of your choice. In the tool, click on the "Settings" menu option. Use the Settings Editor to point the "Templates Folder" to the new location of your template files.

The source code is available inside the LLB file, or at the following GitHub repository:

Good or bad, we love to hear from our users. Please email us at with your thoughts, including bug reports or suggestions.

Release Notes (Jan 05, 2023)

- Ability to use .vit (VI template) and .ctt (CTL template) files as templates. Previously only vi and ctl files were recognised as templates.
- Ability to preview the front panel of template ctl and ctt files. Previously preview was available for vi and vit files only.
- A Settings Editor window now exists (launched from the "Settings" menu bar entry). This enables the user to change two settings which are stored in the Windows Registry.
- Improved the tabbing order of front panel objects on the tool's main GUI
- Improved the quality of the project selected by default in the drop-down menu next to the "Add To Project?" tickbox. Relevant when two or more LabVIEW projects are open when the tool is launched. Previously the first project name was selected (in alphabetical order). Now an algorithm determines which project(s) contain the User VI (based on the filepath of the User VI and of the projects open in memory), and selects the project which is "closest" on disk compared to the User VI. The user still has the ability to manually select another project from the drop-down menu.

Bug fixes:
- Inserting a new VI or CTL into an auto-populating folder used to throw an error. Now works without error.

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