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LTK Localization by S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Create and Distribute Multi-Language LabVIEW Applications

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ReleasedSep 22, 2020
Publisher S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH
License Not Specified
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=12.0
Operating System Windows
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1. Please uninstall all previous non-VI Package Manager (VIPM) based versions of LTK before continue. The VIPM based installer is not compatible with previous non-VIPM based LTK installations.
2. For license activation/deactivation/transfer always start LabVIEW with administrator rights to ensure proper execution of the activation process. Hint: Right-click on LabVIEW.exe and select Run as administrator.
The Localization Toolkit (LTK) for LabVIEW allows world wide usage of your software:
- display user interfaces in any language
- switch between font size and font type
- switch between languages with the same code page on the fly
For the user...
...the advantage is to accomodate software interfaces easily to his habits. For languages with the same code page software can be switched while running. This feature includes also multi byte languages (e.g. Chinese). Font type and font size can also be changed.
For the programmer...
...the Localization Toolkit for LabVIEW is available in the LabVIEW function palette. The package includes an installer for the LabVIEW palette and programming examples. The language information is independent from LabVIEW code. Language information is stored in ASCII format and can be edited in the unicode format by standard tools as Notepad or Microsoft Excel - even by the end user. The definition of any languages in just one file is the result.

Release Notes (Sep 22, 2020)

Current Version (3.2.2):
1. Instructions to run the examples placed on the main-VIs front panel [SEALTK-372]
2. Link to user manual added in context help [SEALTK-371]
3. Support for NI TestStand documented in user manual [SEALTK-370]
Old Version (3.2.1):
1. Support for NI TestStand added (license handling) [SEALTK-369]
Old Version (3.2.0):
1. Handling of language chache improved [SEALTK-367]
2. Enumeration of list elements in tags (i.e. col headers) improved [SEALTK-366]
3. Empty elements in tags with list (i.e. col headers) are no longer removed, when creating/updating the translation table [SEALTK-365]
Old Version (3.1.10):
1. New option for suppressing writing/updating translation table file during run time [SEALTK-360, 361]
Old Version (3.1.9):
Old Version (3.1.8):
1. New global dialog supress option (input parameter) in allows to supress all user dialogs during run time [SEALTK-357]
2. Project and VI description of the examples added in the example finder [SEALTK-358]
Old Version (3.1.7):
1. Internal cleanup [SEALTK-353]
2. New option to supress the dialog "Tag...was added .." when a tag is not found in the table during run-time [SEALTK-352]
Old Version (3.1.6):
1. Feature: Support for XControls added [SEALTK-351].
Old Version (3.1.5):
1. Converting from older LTK versions (1.x): the default text is now read from the control [SEALTK-350].
Old Version (3.1.4):
1. Patch for error 1025 coming out of "Get user Application" [SEALTK-325] (already fixed in the unreleased version 3.1.3).
2. Improvements in the user manual [SEALTK-319], [SEALTK-336], [SEALTK-342].
3. Patch for failure while creating lang files in case that subitems (i.e. '$item') are not located 'en bloc' in the translation table [SEALTK-330].
4. Fix for deactivation of DEV license [SEALTK-331].
5. Patch for LabVIEW 64-Bit versions [SEALTK-332].
6. Handling for container structures (array, cluster, tab, radio buttons) improved: If the flag 'Only within visible bounds' is enabled the (fully visible) controls inside these structures are no more ignored when the container structure is only partially visible [SEALTK-337].
7. LTK palette moved to Addons category [SEALTK-345].
8. 'First Steps' video is accesible again [SEALTK-346].
9. Help menu structure changed to 'S.E.A. Localization/..' (was: SEA/LTK/..) to unify with the tools menu [SEALTK-347].
10. Updates in user manual due to #7, 8, 9 [SEALTK-344, 348].
Old Version (3.1.2):
1. Default Text is not displayed in case of missing Translation table entry [SEALTK-322].

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