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Custom PDF Generator V3 by Simplicity AI - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Feature Packed Custom PDF Generator for LabVIEW

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ReleasedMay 07, 2021
Publisher Simplicity AI
License SAI
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=8.6
Operating System Windows
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Upgrading from an earlier major version? Version 3 is a major upgrade, so please scroll down to read the Upgrade Notes section BEFORE installing it!


The Custom PDF Generator is your toolkit for easily creating high quality documents directly from your LabVIEW programs. Content can include text, tables, front panel views and embedded images, all with a wide range of formatting options. Enable easy navigation of your documents by adding features such as sections, chapters, bookmarks and hyperlinks. Protect your data with password and PDF/A capabilities.

Full List of Features:

Documentation & Installation
Automatic Installation Using VI Package Manager
Detailed Help File with Hyperlinks
Example Programs Covering All Major Features
Downloadable Getting Started Guide
Context Help for All VIs

Embed LabVIEW Front Panel and Control Images
Embed Graphics Images (BMP, JPEG, PNG)
Watermarking of Pages (Full version only)

Automatic Creation Date in Footer
Automatic Page Numbering in Footer

Each License enables use on 1 development PC
Each License enables use in unlimited deployed executables

Define Chapters, Sections and Custom Bookmarks
Internal and External Document Links

PDF/A-1b for Standardised Long Term Archiving
Add Password Encryption to PDFs

Embed Tables in Documents
Simple Table VI for Getting Started Quickly
Table Builder for Complete Control
Alternate Row Highlighting
Column Spanning for Table Cells
Header Rows
Set a Range of Formatting Options for Columns, Rows or Cells

Multiple Font Support with Corresponding Style Formatting
Unicode Character Support
Write LabVIEW Strings Directly into PDF

Please email all support requests to

Major Version Upgrade Notes:

Major feature improvements have been incorporated into version 3 of the Custom PDF generator, which has required considerable internal changes. When upgrading please consider the following:

1) Version 3 requires a new license to be issued by Simplicity. Please contact us via for more information.
2) When upgrading to version 3, version 2 must first be removed, as it is not compatible. During the installation of the version 3 package, a prompt relating to automatic removal of 2 version should appear.
3) When opening up projects built using version 2, manual relinking of Custom PDF Generator VIs will be required. VIs may appear with a question mark icon and the user required to manually locate the files. The 'Upgrade Notes' section of the Custom PDF Generator help file provides assistance with this process.

Release Notes (May 07, 2021)

- Fix memory leaks in examples by closing all references
- Added close reference functions to menu so customer applications can clean up memory
- Allow custom timestamp formats in header and footer
- Add helper menu palette containing Open PDF in system Viewer and List installed fonts
- Cleaned up lvlib to only contain files required for library. Examples and support VIs outside library to allow dynamic loading of library in built applications
- Added known issues section to the help file

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