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SLL by Soliton Technologies - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

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ReleasedMar 25, 2024
Publisher Soliton Technologies
License MIT
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=16.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
Dependencies oglib_array   jki_lib_json_serialization   oglib_file   hse_lib_git_api  
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Available in Functions Palette -> Addons -> SLL Toolkit and in LabVIEW Tools menu -> SLL Toolkit.

Requires VIPM 2017 or greater.

This contains SLL Queued State Machine (QSM) and collection of various useful general purpose reusable VIs spanning across String, File IO, Scripting, TCP IP and other categories.

The list of tools available in LabVIEW Tools menu for straight away use are
1. SLL Add Copyright
2. SLL Class DVR API Generator
3. SLL Application Memory Monitor
4. SLL Compare VI Folders
5. SLL Find Broken VIs
6. SLL LabVIEW Code Compare Tool For Git
7. SLL Set VI Settings for a Folder (Re-entrancy, Allow Debugging, Separate Compile Code)

# SLL Queued State Machine
A simple, straight forward Queue Based State Machine VI Template. Since this is just a single VI, they can be used for any purpose - from a dialog to a simple application.

# SLL LabVIEW Code Compare Tool For Git

GUI to compare LabVIEW code between currently checked out branch with any other branch or any of its commits.

# SLL File IO
## Write/Read Spreadsheet File
The LabVIEW built-in method does not support multi-line strings and delimiters as part of cell contents. Write and Read to Spreadsheet file adds support for delimiters and multi-line strings as part of cell contents. This is similar to how applications like Excel support multiline strings in CSV file.

## CSV Logger
CSV Logger with support for dynamically adding new headers during logging. Whenver the logger encounters a new header, it takes care of adding the new header without rewriting the entire file contents.

# SLL Easy TCP
SLL Easy TCP takes care of establishing and maintaining connections across any number of TCP clients. Any message received from the client is sent as a user event to the server.

# SLL Debug
## Variant Pop Up
Allows showing any data type (like a cluster) as a message pop up.
## Add Error Meta
Allows to add additional details to the error wire.
## Time Profile Logger
Useful for profiling different parts of code to a file. This takes care of storing the log data in memory till "Close" command is called, so that logging to file won't affect the time profiling.

# SLL Scripting
## Class DVR API Generator
Generates DVR based APIs for LabVIEW Class Methods.
## Project Save As
Make a copy of the project and rename some of the components of the project including their relinking.
## Compare VI Folders
Compare two folders containing VIs to identify modified VIs ignoring cosmetic changes.
## Launch VI in Project Instance
Launches the VI in the given project path's instance.

# SLL String
## Alpha Numeric Sort 1D Array
Alpha Numeric Sorting of 1D String Array so that strings are ordered like File 1, File 2..File 10 instead of the usual sorting like File 1, File 10, File 2..

# SLL Tools
## Add Copyright
A small tool to set/update copyright text to LabVIEW files in a folder.

Release Notes (Mar 25, 2024)

Add LabVIEW Code Compare Tool For Git (beta)

satheeshvarma and karthikabiram were contributors to this release

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