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TOML Edit by JKI - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

A LabVIEW wrapper around the Rust toml_edit library (built into a DLL).

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ReleasedJul 07, 2023
Publisher JKI
License MIT license
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW >= 2020
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
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At present, there are 32-bit and 64-bit Windows DLLs in the lv_src folder that are kept up-to-date. So, you should be able to clone the git repo and run the code in LabVIEW 2020 or greater on Windows. On Mac or Linux, you can download the latest shared libraries from [the Releases]( or the [Actions artifacts]( There's no VI Package yet, but that will happen in time.

## Current Status --> Alpha / Experimental
There's a lot that's in flux and/or not currently working:
- The shared library runs in the user interface thread (i.e. it's not multi-thread safe), but we're looking into it here -> [#2](
- It might crash LabVIEW -- we're currently tightening up all the code to ensure it won't crash LabVIEW, buy LabVIEW does crash often when we're working on the code and tweaking things.
- It might have memory leaks -- we haven't tested that much yet.
- The names of the VIs (and shared library/functions) are in flux and likely to change.

## Key Features
Not all of these are available right now, but will be coming over time (see Roadmap, below).

- Built on top of a production-quality toml library ([toml_edit]( that's written in [Rust](
- Provides a simple-to-use API that feels a bit like LabVIEW's config file VIs
- Provides a low-level API that exposes all the features of TOML that you might need for reading and writing to toml files.
- Cross-platform support for LabVIEW 32-bit and 64-bit on Windows, Mac, Linux, and NI-Linux Real-time.

## Goals of this Project
- To provide a cross-platform, production-quality, [toml]( file library in LabVIEW
- To support/preserve comments and other user formatting in the TOML data.
- To be as easy to use as the LabVIEW Config File VIs for very basic use cases.
- To expose lower-level capabilities of TOML for more complex/advanced use-cases.
- To showcase (and learn) how to interoperate between LabVIEW and Rust.
- We use the [toml_edit]( Rust crate, under the hood, as cross-platform a shared library built using Rust.

Release Notes (Jul 07, 2023)

This is an initial release, mostly just to have a place to also put the Linux and Mac shared libraries :)
- Mac: download the file and unzip the dragon_toml_64.framework bundle into the lv_src folder just as you would the .dll on Windows.
- Note: only Intel x64 is supported at the moment. Arm (M1/M2) should be an easy rebuild of the shared-library and will probably only be supported in LabVIEW 2023 Q3 (or 2024 Q1?) or greater.
- Linux: download the and put it in the lv_src folder.

laura-miller , jimkring and tommcquillan were contributors to this release

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