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Time Sensitive Network (TSN) Community VIs by TSN Community - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

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ReleasedFeb 05, 2018
Publisher TSN Community
License Not Specified
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=17.0
Operating System Windows
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VIs Included with the Time Sensitive Network (TSN) Community Tools Package

8021AS Status

The 802.1AS Status VI returns the current 802.1AS status of a CompactRIO (Sync) or Industrial Controller 317x target. This VI will provide the Master/Slave status of the device, the current Grandmaster ID, and the Offset in nS from the Grandmaster


Converts a U64 number containing the current IEEE-1588 time in nS to a LabVIEW timestamp


Converts a LabVIEW timestamp to a u64 number containing the current IEEE-1588 time in nS

Note: The Three above VIs are installed from the LabVIEW TSN Toolkit, the Community Tools Package just places it on the palette. Applications written with these VIs will not require the Community Tools Package to be installed if the application is moved to a different PC

A self-contained VI generating a Pulse-Per-Second output. Currently, the VI outputs the PPS pulse on DIO0 of Module 1. For a CompactRIO containing different hardware, or an Industrial Controller, this I/O Item would need to be changed.

Note: This VI is installed by the Community Tools Package. Moving an application containing this VI to another computer will either require the Community Tools Package to be installed on the new computer, or have the code contained in the VI copied to the main FPGA block diagram.

Additional Community Tools

There are several other Community Tools packages listed on the community home page that install additional palettes to the TSN Community Tools palette. If there are VIs you have created that you feel are a valuable resource to the TSN Community, please reach out and we can talk through the process of packaging these to install onto the TSN palette.

Ty Prather
Technical Marketing Specialist
National Instruments

Release Notes (Feb 05, 2018) no release notes for this version

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