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WF WireQueue-MQTT by WireFlow - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

LabVIEW API for MQTT, with or without TLS encryption.

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ReleasedSep 24, 2021
Publisher WireFlow
License WireFlow SW
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=13.0
Operating System Windows
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Please note that this package requires VIPM 2014 or later for installation and requires VIPM to be run with "administrator" rights. To do this, close LabVIEW and VIPM, then start VIPM by right-clicking and select "Run as administrator"

This is the driver for the WireFlow WireQueue MQTT product, a lightweight system to communicate between LabVIEW targets and other devices using MQTT with TLS support. It supports connection to any MQTT broker (MQTT 3.1.1).

Using the Proof-of-concept WireQueue API that builds on top of the WireQueue MQTT driver it is possible to sign/authorize messages using the WireFlow dongles for additional security, meaning that sensitive actions can only be performed by trusted clients that has a security dongle.
The WireQueue API layer is now open, and can now work as an example to build other layers on top of WireFlow MQTT.

Release Notes (Sep 24, 2021)

Fixed bug that accidentally removed a leading slash '/' from the topic name.
Fixed bug where VIPM doesn't include unused items from libraries (internal error functions)
Added method to override maximum topic size
Added method to update connection credentials for background process re-connects
Added method to force a reconnect

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