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Delacor QMH Event Scripter by Delacor - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

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ReleasedApr 17, 2020
Publisher Delacor
LicenseDQMH License
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=14.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
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This package includes the Tools>>Delacor>>DQMH Tools to add new DQMH Modules to existing projects and add/remove events to existing DQMH Modules.

Release Notes (Apr 17, 2020)

DQMH Scripter

1. #DQMH-589 Updated New Event scripting to support creating a new Request and Wait for Reply with the timeout error in it

2. #DQMH-596 Updated the Request and Wait for Event ‘Fire Event’ template VI to have the ‘Release Notifier’ function wired through the error chain to (1)avoid the off chance of a user turning on automatic error handling on the VI and (2) include an error from the Release Notifier function in the error chain

3. #DQMH-608 Updated DQMH Rename Module utility to also rename the RT Tester if it exists

4. #DQMH-548 Added the ability to specify a custom enqueue message VI to be scripted into the MHL when creating request events

5. #DQMH-603 Updated Add New Module tool to store the last selected module in the LabVIEW INI file and use that selection the next time the tool launches. If the stored module name isn’t found, default back to ‘Singleton’

6. #DQMH-645 Made new event VIs always be created as reentrant clones, regardless of whether the module is singleton or cloneable

7. #DQMH-655 Call Arrange VI Window code (for panel and diagram) on newly scripted event VIs

8. #DQMH-611 Updated scripting code that creates the tester button to set the proper justification on the label text of the created button’s terminal, to support users who have their control terminal labels configured to be on the side of the terminal instead of on the top

9. #DQMH-607 Updated new event scripting code to account for other event references (and clusters of references) wired to the Register for Events node in the DQMH Main VI that may be wired ahead of the module’s own request events cluster

10. #DQMH-588 Made sure VIs created by the DQMH scripting tools are always set to have automatic error handling disabled

11. #DQMH-602 Fixed string matching on Event Structure frame names to properly handle module names that may contain special characters that Match Regular Expression interprets differently. The new matching is just exact string matches

DQMH Validation Tool

1. #DQMH-605 Added the ability to validate all modules in the project. We also added a VI (Validate DQMH Module (Headless).vi) that you can pass in a project path and it will programmatically validate all modules in the project and return a result. This VI could be used as part of a CI/CD process to validate DQMH modules

2. #DQMH-604 Added a button to the Validation Results UI that allows you to analyze another module after you are done viewing the results for the current module. We also added a button to the ‘all tests passed’ dialog to allow you to validate another module as well

3. #DQMH-615 If there is no menu launch project when you launch the Validate DQMH Module tool, we’ll prompt the user to browse to a project and use the one they browsed to

4. #DQMH-654 Always make sure the results list box in the Validation Results UI is scrolled to the top when first shown

New Validate/Fix DQMH Module Tools for:

1. #DQMH-616 Start using Run VI method

2. #DQMH-646 New Close Master Reference functionality. Added new error code for trying to run cloneable as singleton when the master reference hasn’t been closed. Updated validate and fixer for Async Call By Ref to update Start to generate the new error code

3. #DQMH-589 Identifying/updating Request and Wait for Reply VIs that don’t return an error on timeout

4. #DQMH-642 New notifier approach for shutting down the event references in Close after the last instance stops

5. #DQMH-585 Adding a case structure around Stop call in the singleton tester

6. #DQMH-597 Updating Wait on Stop to use the improved approach with the event structure

7. #DQMH-638 Wiring up Module Name– to the ‘Additional Information’ input of the Error in the “Error” message of the MHL

8. #DQMH-600 Adding Release Queue VI in Error case issue

9. #DQMH-588 Detecting VIs with auto error handling enabled, and disable that setting for those VIs


Note, you must have the VIPM Desktop app installed for this button to work.


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