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Panther Dashboard for DQMH by PantherLAB - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Panther Dashboard for DQMH

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ReleasedApr 27, 2023
Publisher PantherLAB
License BSD
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=19.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
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Panther Dashboard for DQMH

This tool is designed to Improve the DQMH Developer Experience and to help understanding and learning DQMH Framework.

Panther Dashboard for DQMH Features:

» Drag and drop DQMH code from Panther Dashboard to your code.
» Explore your project in the DQMH context, just double click an event
» Visualize your modules Status (running, Idle)
» Search for Module/Event Callers/Listeners, right click an event or a DQMH Module to use this functionality.
» Open API Tester by Right Click the Module Library
» Execute the default events [Show Panel, Hide Panel, Show Block Diagram, Stop Module]
» Use the DQMH Scripting Tools.
» Call Antidoc
» Help to edit your project/modules/events documentation.
» Open Antidoc output.

After installing this tool you can use it by going through the menu:

Tools->PantherLAB->Panther Dashboard for DQMH

For more information send an email to:

Or visit the following Page

Report any issues and ask for more features:

This is an Open Source Project, by PantherLAB to the LabVIEW Comunity and DQMH users.

Release Notes (Apr 27, 2023)

-Store User data like name, email, project name when Antidoc output file generated, this is performed on the scanned proyect.
-Some small bug fixes like clearing the project text when it closes.
-Fix color text when clear theme is selected on the modules selection window.

enoearias was a contributor to this release

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