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Oauth 2.0 by G Open Source Project for LabVIEW - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Open Authorization 2.0

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ReleasedMay 01, 2022
Publisher G Open Source Project for LabVIEW
License BSD 0-Clause
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=13.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
Dependencies labview_open_source_lib_data_manipulation   labview_open_source_lib_epoch_datetime   labview_open_source_lib_serializer   labview_open_source_lib_unicity   labview_open_source_project_lib_connection   labview_open_source_project_lib_openuri   labview_open_source_project_lib_serializer_base64  
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Oauth 2.0 library for LabVIEW

Open Authorization 2.0 API (Oauth2)

This library contains the base class for Oauth2 authorization workflow.

Extensions currently provided with the framework:
- Oauth2.Github
- Oauth2.GitLab
- Oauth2.Slack
- Oauth2.LinkedIn
- Oauth2.Google
- Oauth2.Harvest
- Oauth2.Template (for extensions)

(suggestions for more integrations, and community contributions are welcome)

Online authoritative resources:

Online blogs by LabVIEW developers:

A few comments about the current state and evolution of the project:

- This Oath2 library does not support Implicit Grant Flow, as it will be deprecated in Oauth 2.1 due to security concerns.
- PKCE (Proof-Key Challenge Exchange) workflow is implemented and used by default. It is highly recommended not to deactivate it, as it will become a mandatory feature when Oauth2.1 becomes the norm.

- As of this release, the library currently supports only redirections on port 80 (http) but has been built in a way that future updates should be easy to change to port 443 through https connection. This is because the project is maintained in LV2013 and TLS support was added in LV2020. However, an OauthClient class has been created to act as an "interface" which should allow injection of a TLS-secured client in later versions of LabVIEW (distributed as an extension addon to this library)
- This library currently supports Authorization tokens, but not the ID Tokens for OpenID extension. It should be part of a future upgrade, once support for JWT (JSON Web Token) has been added to the library.

Release Notes (May 01, 2022)

- Support for Harvest App integration (time tracking and invoicing)
- Added support for reverse proxy (when localhost is not supported by Oauth server)
- Added a hook to inject a TLS-supported connection through an override of the OauthClient client (allows extensions to inject a TLS-enabled connection)

francois-normandin was a contributor to this release

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