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OpenG Zip Tools

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ReleasedJun 27, 2024
Publisher OpenG
License BSD (VIs), LGPL (Shared Library)
LabVIEW Version>=8.6
Operating System Windows NT,Linux
Used By jki_lib_gla_2020_weaver_ioc_container   hooovahh_tremendous_tdms   openg.org_lib_openg_toolkit   hooovahh_copy_and_zip_with_progress   hooovahh_image_manipulation  
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The lvzip package contains several routines for operating on zip files.

Release Notes (Jun 27, 2024)

Version 5.0.3: Fix wiring mistake in ZLIB Store File where comment and password was exchanged. Fix missing wiring to store the file refnum when opening a file in ZLIB Store File
Version 5.0.2: Add a Low Level official API to store files in chunks into a ZIP file archive
Version 5.0.1: Fix installation problems on various systems
Version 5.0: Upgraded to latest zlib 1.3 sources and implemented a complete file manager layer to support long file paths as well as unicode file names.
Version 4.3: Improved Unicode support for file names and strings in the ZIP directory.
Version 4.2: Updated to zlib 1.2.11 and minizip 1.2 - June 14, 2019 and more 64-bit support
Version 4.1: Updated to zlib 1.2.8 and added support for new cRIO targets
Version 4.0: New palette menu structure
Version 2.5.2: Adds support for the new palette locations of OpenG 4.x packages and removes dependency on ogrsc_dynamicpalette package.
Version 2.5.1: Fixes issue with broken VIs in LabVIEW 2009 due to calling (now) private config utilities.
Version 2.5: Changes license of LabVIEW sources from LGPL to BSD, Adds Memory Stream VIs to the palettes, Optimizes ZLIB Extract All Files to Dir, Fixes potential problem where error such as out of disk on finishing to add a file into an archive might get lost meaning that a corrupted archive could result without the user being informed about it, Fixes issue preventing adding files specified by UNC network path to zip archive.
Version 2.4 adds support for direct memory stream handling.
Version 2.3 adds support for transparent Mac Resource file handling through MacBinary encoding.
Version 2.2 adds support for appending files to an existing archive, deleting files from an archive and password support for adding and extracting files.

rolfk was a contributor to this release

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