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OpenG by OpenG - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

OpenG Toolkit

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ReleasedAug 12, 2011
Publisher OpenG
License BSD, LGPL
LabVIEW Version>=9.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
Dependencies oglib_msgqueue   oglib_md5   oglib_largefile   oglib_buttons   oglib_dictionary   oglib_portio   oglib_comparison   oglib_error   oglib_lvzip   oglib_array   oglib_variantconfig   oglib_numeric   oglib_boolean   oglib_time   oglib_string   oglib_appcontrol   oglib_picture   oglib_lvdata   oglib_file  
Used By automated_software_technology_lib_ast_unit_tester   nevstop_3rdparty_dependencies  
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The OpenG Toolkit package installs the OpenG Libraries 4.0: Application Control, Array, Boolean, Buttons Comparison, Dictionary, Error, File, LabVIEW Data, LabVIEW ZIP, Large File, MD5, Message Queue, Numeric, Picture, Port IO, String, Time and Variant Configuration File.

Note - use this package when all dependant packages are uninstalled to upgrade to the OpenG 4.0 Libraries. This package will also uninstall packages not required or that are incompatible with the OpenG 4.0 release.

Release Notes (Aug 12, 2011)

[FIX] 3386109 - LabVIEW Data Library missing as dependency

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