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First, this package is genius. It takes way too many clicks to open and then edit VI descriptions, and this solves that issue gracefully.

A few things I noticed:
- Per NI documentation, VI descriptions support the ability to make text BOLD by using markdown tags.
- Text can be made BOLD in block diagram free text very easily simply be selecting and hitting ctrl+b (sooo easy!)
- It's possible to read font properties of free text by reference

Given this information, I forked your GITHUB repo and made a modification to support BOLD text.
There is a slight performance hit since it's not terribly efficient, but I find this to be worth that tradeoff.

forked repo:
(Fork is LabVIEW 2020 SP1, sorry, I don't have LV2016 installed at the moment)


Petru Tarabuta Hi Brent. I'm glad you found the tool useful! Thanks for the idea, and for the implementation. I merged your forked repo into the main repo. Your implementation works well on my machine (no bugs). The next release of the VIP will contain your functionality, if that's ok with you. Many thanks.
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Brent Justice Awesome! #Send it!
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Petru Tarabuta Hi Brent. I published a new version of the package (, which contains your functionality. However, I decided to disable the functionality by default due to the fact that the functionality can be very slow (several seconds) when the target contains large amounts of text, even if there is no bold text. Please read the "Performance note" comment I wrote inside "Get Free Label" in the latest commit for a more detailed explanation, including a technique I tried to improve the execution time, but which didn't work. Thanks again for suggesting and implementing the idea.
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Petru Tarabuta P.S. The functionality can easily be enabled/disabled by setting "ProcessBoldCharacters = True" or "ProcessBoldCharacters = False" inside the "Free Label To VI Description.ini" file
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Brent Justice Awesome! Yeah, it's unfortunate that there isn't a more performant mechanism to query font properties out of a string
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