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I have been using the "BlueVariantView" as a means to display and modify values in a parameter list that are stored within a variant library - the versatility of this tool to display any cluster type is really useful. There are however a couple of things I could see being great extensions to the tool:

1. Timestamp Support - it accepts the timestamp and has a glyph, however the data shown is no representative of the timestamp, perhaps formatting the string to %H:%M:%S%.3u %d/%m/%Y
2. Timestamp Format Configuration - as part of the input configuration provide a string that includes a timestamp formatting (see above) so the developer can select how to show timestamps
3. Optional Structure Value Configuration - provide the option to include or remove the value for clusters/arrays, it would be nice to not see the text "Elements = N"
4. Object based Approach - the flexibility to modify the behaviour is limited, for example I would like to change the glyphs that are displayed for each data type and having overrides for each one would make it possible to modify default behaviour

Happy to discuss further!



Brent Justice New version uploaded 1.3.2 Good catch on timestamp. I went ahead and performed your points #1 and #2. For point #3, I added another option for adjusting the Value column to be less verbose. I can see how that's usefule. For #4, I understand the request, but I don't have the time to implement for now.
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Matthew Fergusson Hi Brent, Thanks a lot for the quick turnaround on this! Everything is up and running and the display/editing of timestamps is working nicely with the display of values now clearer when data only.
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