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Another idea: Would also be awesome if the node supported interfaces :)


Quentin Alldredge I could include Interfaces but what would you like to gain from it? The reason I ask is that most of the time the Class that implements the Interface should have overridden the Interface's methods. Those would show up in the Class Method Node already. By default, methods of an Interface must be overridden by the implementing Class. However, I guess if you made a method of the Interface such that it doesn't have to be overridden, I could make it discoverable in the Class Method Node. I think that is a corner case but one that could be handled.
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Blaz Krpan I agree that in most cases the interface methods must be overridden by the implementing class. However, the point of the interface is to be, well, "the interface" to the class, so instead of calling the class method directly, you can call the interface method instead, not caring about the underlying class and implementation. It also helps with dependencies, since then you only introduce dependency to the interface, not the specific class implementation (which means you could pass any kind of class that implements the interface to the node at runtime and the node would happily accept it). Kind of like the plugin architecture, just with the interfaces instead of inheritance.
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