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I encountered slight issue with the toolkit - when I use TDMS logging with "Separate based on time" option, file name is created in format "Base Folder/Base File Name/Time". For example "C:\Users\xyz\abc 11/22/2021 3-57-39 PM". This is problem, because at least the version of windows I am using, does not allow "/" character in file name. Would it be possible to modify it and replace "/" in date with for example "-"?


Jim Kring Hi @vollinger. I believe that @PrimaryKey is the author of that tool and I'm not sure if it's being actively maintained. It might be nice to put this on GitHub, if possible.
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Erik Tisovský Thanks for the idea Jim. I found a thread for the toolkit on NI forums where the same issue was reported few years ago and since no update was made for it, I think the toolkit is no longer mantained.
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