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I love this tool! It might be nice if this tool were more of a floating window than a modal dialog that operated on whatever items are selected. That way, I could leave this window open while working on my VI and use it several times in a row without closing and re-opening it.


Martin Nöhrer Hy Jim, Thank you for your input. In my personal workflow I use the window quite seldom. Most of the time I will open the quick drop, insert w,a,s,d,c,v into the input line and execute the plugin using CTRL+a. So for me this change and also the undo operation on individual steps wouldn't improve my workflow. I find it very interesting if someone uses the plugin in another way. I will be open for changes and improvements, so simply make a pull request if you want to improve the plugin. Do you use my plugins in your daily workflow? Cheers Martin
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Jim Kring Hi Martin. I haven't been using these plugins much. I saw you posted new releases, and I really wanted to give them a try. I haven't tried the w,a,s,d,c,v options yet, and I'll have to give that a try. I think I was assuming that when I was doing my work, I would probably use the buttons on the dialog as a sort of floating palette/tool during the process of alignment. But, you're right that if I did this a lot I would probably start using the keyboard shortcuts like you describe.
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