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There is a release note:
2020.0.1.69 (Nov 20, 2020)
- [FIX] Was raising Error 42 (The LabVIEW version specified is not configured for use in VIPM. Please check the VIPM>Options>LabVIEW settings.)

I have this error returned by the "Check LV Version". Is it possible that the problem was not fixed completely? I'm using 2020.0.3.80 version.

I have a PPL with a wrapper for the Apply VIPC When I run it from the source file it works, but when I try it on the clean OS (with LabVIEW and VIPM) from the PPL it is throwing error 42.

Build machine: LabVIEW 21.0.1f1 (32-bit), VIPM 2023.1 (build 2498) free version
Test machine: LabVIEW 21.0.1f2 (32-bit) (I doubt the "f2" make any difference), VIPM 2023.1 (build 2498) free version

BTW: I know it is not an idea but I don't know how to report a bug :(

Rubber duck to the rescue :D So, the LabVIEW connection in the Options>LabVIEW settings needs to be verified :) This will fix the error 42 issue.


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