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This is a great tool! Very helpful. Would it be possible to perhaps add support for "Allow Parallel Read-Only Access"? It allows the in place structures to run in parallel without waiting for each other. I would suggest to automatically configure it as "Allow Parallel Read-Only Access" in case a class method (vi) does not have a return value (indicator) of its owning class (scenario which currently seems to break the run arrow).


Quentin Alldredge Blaz, Deciding whether to use "Allow Parallel Read-Only Access" on if the method doesn't return a value would not be a good indicator. The method still could have written to its class private data. I could make it an option that could be selected through a right-click menu option or through the properties dialog. However, that opens it up to someone choosing it, then updating their method where they are writing to the class private data, and losing the new data.
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Blaz Krpan Yes, you are right. I see the point. The return value thing is probably not a great idea. However, the right click menu option sounds great. You are right about the risk of it, but that's also the risk with the standard in place node. Well, honestly, if you decide to use references, then you are anyway entering the risky territory :)
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