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SVG Reader image SVG Reader
LabVIEW SVG file reader toolkit
DeepLTK FPGA Addon image DeepLTK FPGA Addon
FPGA Add-on for DEEP LEATRNONG TOOLKIT is a Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator designed to deploy and accelerate pretrained CNNs on FPGA targets. The adv…
Deep Learning Toolkit image Deep Learning Toolkit
Deep Learning Toolkit for LabVIEW
CuLab - GPU Accelerated Toolkit image CuLab - GPU Accelerated Toolkit
CuLab - GPU Accelerated Toolkit
Beamforming and Direction Finding Toolkit image Beamforming and Direction Finding Toolkit
Beamforming and Direction FindingToolkit for LabVIEW.

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Image and video annotation tool. Simplifies and speeds up the process of: 1. Capturing image data…

by Alik Sargsyan, 2 years ago, 0 , 5