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Outstanding scientific software and hardware developer with 15+ years of experience in R&D, scientific instrumentation, software development, electronics, product design, and data analysis. Excels at designing and implementing software and hardware prototypes, writing technical documentation, and project management. Hyper-organized, self-motivated, and effective communicator with an established record of oral presentations …

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Published Packages

Logger image Logger
A simple logging utility similar to Log4j but for LabVIEW
LIBSSH2 for LabVIEW image LIBSSH2 for LabVIEW
Adds SSH client support to LabVIEW using the libssh2 library
Labstache image Labstache
A toolkit for rendering logic-free Mustache templates
LabPack image LabPack
A library for encoding and decoding MessagePack data
Eulogy image Eulogy
A dead simple LabVIEW add-on and toolkit for refactoring legacy code
Alphabetize Cluster Elements image Alphabetize Cluster Elements
A Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut and Shortcut Menu Plugin to alphabetize cluster elements


Recent Contributions