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Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) image Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Set of libraries and tools to help with continuous integration and continuous delivery, including unit testing, build automation, style checking, and more.
by VIPM Community
Community Quick Drop Plugins image Community Quick Drop Plugins
A list of Quick Drop plugins created by the community.
by VIPM Community
Automated Software Technology Favorites image Automated Software Technology Favorites
Recommended LabVIEW Addons from Automated Software Technology
by Dan Shangraw, P.E.
MQTT (G Open Source Project for LabVIEW) image MQTT (G Open Source Project for LabVIEW)
This package list installs a full suite of MQTT dependencies which allow creation of clients and servers over TCP, Websockets, etc.
by Francois Normandin
DQMH Trusted Advisors List image DQMH Trusted Advisors List
Packages recommended by the DQMH Trusted Advisors
by DQMH Trusted Advisors
Neosoft Technologies Products image Neosoft Technologies Products
List of all VIP published by Neosoft Technologies
by Cyril Gambini
User Interface Controls image User Interface Controls
Custom controls for creating user interfaces in LabVIEW
by VIPM Community
GLA Summit 2020 image GLA Summit 2020
GLA Summit 2020 ( presentation examples and related packages. (Attn Presenters: publish your packages and presentation resources here:
by GLA Summit
Windows API image Windows API
Packages for communicating with Windows API components in LabVIEW
by VIPM Community
Web Development Tools for LabVIEW image Web Development Tools for LabVIEW
Tools and libraries for communicating with web services, and creating web services, and using web technologies in general
by VIPM Community
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Tools image Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Tools
Tools for object-oriented programming in LabVIEW (lvoop, lvclass, goop, class, etc.)
by VIPM Community
Actor Framework Tools and Components image Actor Framework Tools and Components
A set of tools for working with NI Actor Framework and some useful AF classes/components.
by VIPM Community

by Miguel A Garcia
JDP Tools
Libraries and Tools I developed and use routinely.
by James Powell
DQMH Components image DQMH Components
Tools and components for programming applications with the Delacor Queued Message Handler (DQMH®) framework
by Fabiola De la Cueva
Automotive image Automotive
Useful toolkits and links for automotive (auto) applications
by VIPM Community
Raspberry Pi image Raspberry Pi
A set of tools for running LabVIEW code on the Raspberry Pi
by VIPM Community
Database Connectivity image Database Connectivity
Libraries for communicating with databases in LabVIEW
by VIPM Community
Language Localization Tools image Language Localization Tools
Tools for localizing front panels
by Jim Kring
Arduino image Arduino
A set of tools for running LabVIEW code on the Arduino
by VIPM Community
Machine Learning and AI image Machine Learning and AI
Libraries for machine learning and AI technologies such as deep learning
by VIPM Community
Encryption and Security image Encryption and Security
Libraries for working with encryption and security protocols
by VIPM Community
Jim's Top 10... image Jim's Top 10...
A list of some stuff I am interested to use more, want to learn more about, or am actively working on.
by Jim Kring
UI/UX Design and Development image UI/UX Design and Development
A set of tools for professional user interface design and development in LabVIEW
by Eric Welden