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AST Unit Tester image AST Unit Tester
Simple and Fast Unit Tester
Code Capture Tool image Code Capture Tool
Support for LabVIEW snippets and specifying the version to save them in (backsaving).
Hidden Gems in vi.lib image Hidden Gems in vi.lib
Useful Undocumented VIs that already ship with LabVIEW
Hooovahh File IO image Hooovahh File IO
Various File I/O functions
Hooovahh Numeric and Math image Hooovahh Numeric and Math
Common tools for manipulating numerics, and math functions.
Hooovahh Variant Repository image Hooovahh Variant Repository
Read and Write tags to Variant Data
LVOOP Assistant image LVOOP Assistant
LVOOP Assistant
MGI Library image MGI Library
Freeware from Moore Good Ideas, Inc.
OpenG Toolkit image OpenG Toolkit
OpenG Toolkit
System Style DAQmx Controls image System Style DAQmx Controls
System Style DAQmx Controls
UI Control Suite: System Controls 2.0 image UI Control Suite: System Controls 2.0
Enhance User Interfaces with additional System Controls
WF ProgressBar image WF ProgressBar
Adds progressbar functionallity to the LabVIEW palettes