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JKI State Machine by JKI - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

The easiest way to create powerful, maintainable VIs in LabVIEW™

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ReleasedJan 25, 2019
Publisher JKI
License BSD
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=13.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
Dependencies jki_rsc_toolkits_palette  
Used By jki_statemachineobjects   lavag_lib_ui_tools_controls_addon   labview_open_source_project_lib_certification_authority   euv_tech_lib_dvr_helper   nevstop_programming_palette   pantherlab_lib_panther_dashboard   labview_version_selector   nevstop_3rdparty_dependencies   lvos_lib_caraya_cli_extension   hse_lib_hse_application_template_wizard   nevstop_lib_communicable_state_machine   jki_state_machine_editor   jki_lib_caraya   jki_smo_templates   jki_smo_ui_templates   jki_lib_smo_editor   jki_smo_templates_graph   cyth_logger_sqlite  
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The JKI State Machine™ is a template you can use for quickly creating your own LabVIEW applications. This is the very same template that is used by the JKI team, nearly every day, and is the result of years of refinement by our team of LabVIEW experts. We encourage you to post any questions or comments to the JKI Software Forums. There you will find an active community of JKI software users, as well as JKI team members.

How to use:

Find the JKI State Machine in the palettes
1) Functions >> JKI Toolkits >> JKI State Machine

Use QuickDrop to place a JKI State Machine on the block diagram
1) Press Control+Space then type "JKI"
2) choose the "JKI State Machine" option that appears

Launch the JKI State Machine Explorer by either
A) Right-click on a State String, Case Structure, or Event Structure to launch JKI SM Editor
B) Press Control+Space then Control+J when you're on the block diagram of a VI containing a JKI SM

Using the Right-click menu on the JKI SM Parts for increased productivity:
- Select an item in the tree to make that frame visible
- Click back and forward to navigate the history
- Drag and drop frames to reorganize the order
- Right-click on items in the tree-view to rename, duplicate, delete, etc.
- Right-click on a state string and choose Goto State Frame to jump to that frame of the JKI SM.
- Right click on a state string or frame and choose Find Callers to find all callers of a state
- Right-click on a bundle or unbundle by name and choose Find Data Accessors to find all accessors of the data.

Special thanks to Jim Carmody for open sourcing his CaseSelect tool as a launching off point for the JKI SM Editor.

Release Notes

2018.0.7.45 (Jan 25, 2019)

- Now includes the JKI State Machine Editor (JKI SM Explorer window and LabVIEW right-click menu integration)
- Changed While Loop Label to JKI State Machine (2018)
- New Icons and Color Scheme, designed for the future!
- Major performance improvements to Support VIs ("Parse State Queue", "Add State(s) to Queue", and "Build State String with Arguments")
- Support VIs are now configured for "Inline SubVIs into Calling VIs" and "Subroutine" priority to reduce memory footprint and execution time
- Replaced deprecated FP.Open property with FP.State
- Added new arguments to "UI: Front Panel State" (Open, Standard, Close, Closed, Hidden, Hide, Maximize, Maximized, Minimize, Minimized)
- Special thanks to @mcduff14 and @drjdpowell for their performance improvement ideas and feedback on this thread

- Fixed Issue #9 (JKI SM Explorer VI keeps running when target VI FP is closed)
- Fixed Issue #10 (Editor Plug-ins that call "Term:Data Type" (as Variant) need a Request Deallocation to avoid LV crash)
- Fixed Issue with Find Data Accessors not always working well (failing to open and consuming CPU)
- Fixed Issue (SM Editor #79) where SM Explorer window does not disappear occasionally
- Fixed Issue (SM Editor #86) Can't open JKI SM Explorer for multiple JKI SM's on same BD
- Fixed Issue (SM Editor #89) Find Callers does not work on Idle, Event Structure frame
- Fixed Issue #13 Right-click menu item 'Insert "Add State(s) to Queue"' fails

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