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NEVSTOP-Programming-Palette by NEVSTOP-LAB - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

Collection of the reuse VIs from NEVSTOP-Lab

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ReleasedJul 01, 2024
License Apache 2.0
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=17.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
Dependencies oglib_string   oglib_error   oglib_variantconfig   oglib_md5   jki_lib_state_machine   oglib_lvdata   mgi_lib_file   oglib_file   oglib_numeric   mgi_lib_application_control   lava_lib_ui_tools   oglib_time   oglib_appcontrol   mgi_lib_string   mgi_lib_picture_&_image   nevstop_lib_communicable_state_machine   nevstop_lib_csm_massdata_parameter_support   nevstop_lib_csm_api_string_arguments_support   nevstop_lib_csm_ini_static_variable_support  
Used By nevstop_lib_csm_mermaid_plugin  
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Change Log

[update] #206 support n,p,f,G,T,p for float datatype

[add] #203 show Open A Document on and "Open URL in Default" in palette
[add] #204 Add "EventHandler-String Input with" in Dialog & Interface palette
[add] Add "First Matched Config File with Ext" in File Palette

[add] #195 add Clear Mutation History of
[add] #200 add "e","-e","pi","-pi","inf","+inf","-inf","NaN" support in String to
[add] add option of defualt value input in String to, to make it possible to chose NaN or 0 as default
[fix] #199 QuickDrop Name of "String To" is not right
[update] update NEVSTOP-3rdParty-Dependencies version to v2024.1.5.143738

[improve] #196 YES "No" as Boolean String


[add] #169 timestamp support for cfgtable
[fix] small fix in cfgtable

[fix] #191 ternimal in Data To is not connected correctly.
[update] #190 String to Number Instance VIs' Icon & support K/M postfix
[fix] Matched Pattern termial should be empty when no pattern is matched in Match multiple
[add] #193 add String to

[fix] #189 fix Set Permanent connect pane Bug
[fix] #185 add reset to all signal VIs
[add] #187 add Compare Two

[add] #173 Hex String FP Control quick drop
[add] #178
[add] #175 CRC16 for CAN or serial port data
[fix] BD Numeric Constant Quickdrop
[fix] fix bug on Number Count
[improve] update pre-build & post install vipm action
[improve] #177 nevstop palettes stand in a row
[update] #179 update deps to NEVSTOP-3rdParty-Dependencies v2023.07.06
[minor fix] #173 #181

[fix] #162 improve Number Count
[improve] Excel open will not pop file dialog when file does not exist, pass out an error. #161
[add] #166 add excel read/write sheet vi for convenience
[add] #164 Check if Windows Service Exists (NEVSTOP)
[add] Interpolate Data with Fracational Ratio (NEVSTOP)
[add] EventHandler-Change Order By Enter Key (NEVSTOP)
[improve] add EventHandler- prefix to Double Click Check VI
[add] List to Data Palette
[add] #167 add fp numeric constant quick drop
[add] #171 Replace Configuration Table By ID
[improve] separate code with VI to reduce package size
[minor fix] #168 #170

[improve] #121 JKI Insert State By bool icon
[add] #120 add Topmost VI
[improve] #123 documentation. Thanks @HowardShark @rookielsx @Onsen-eggs
[add] #154 add template same as JKI State Machine Template. Linked message,data and error tunnels. Remove OK button Event case.
[add] add number countdown VI to signal palette #151
[add] add String to to numeric palette #149
[add] add Get Time in Second with Error #156
[fix] minor fix #152 #153 #155
[improve] fix typos

[fix] #113 Timeout Timer (NEVSTOP) BUG
[add] #112 Add NEVSTOP-LAB to root.mnu
[fix] #115 Strip Class Function
[upgrade] #116 expose time option for Build FilePath By
[fix] #117 show tdms/txt api in palette
[fix] fix string to connect pane

[improve] Concatenate if not empty: remove ':' if string is empty itself #104
[add] #103 common numeric constant
[add] #106 VI for get avaible port
[improve] #107 #108
[improve] Update Changed Data Filter(FNiN).vim
[add] Feedback Node with Reset.vim
[add] #109 string to bool
[imporve] #110 Data <--> SingleElementsArray

[fix] #83 Recursive Folder List
[add] #82 Add Read/Write Controls to INI
[improve] #86 remove unnessesory openG subVI Calls.
[add] #90 Add Search 1d array primitive to palette
[add] #87 Add Data Change - without First Call
[fix] #89 filter 1d accepts single element as input
[add] #92 Clear All
[add] #85 Match Multiple Pattern
[add] #93 Add second call? VI
[add] #96 Add Concatenate Strings If not
[add] #97 add Topmost VI's Reference VI
[improve] #98 use vim instead of xnode for read/write Tag
[add] #94 double click in Mouse Down Event
[add] #101 Sefely Close Reference - Half Height
[add] #99 Application Directory 2
[add] thread locker api
[add] Runtime Conditional Disable Structure
[add] #102 Runtime & Runtime
[fix] fix bug in Time palette

1. [add] Data: Changed Data Filter(FNiN).vim
2. [add] SyncStart API
3. [modify] Reorg Configuration Palette
4. [fix] cfgTable APIs
5. [add] signal VIs
6. [add] Graphics & Sound: str to
7. [add] not empty
8. [add] vim version of openG-Array
9. [imporve] palette vi Name change to xxx(nevstop) #76
10. [fix] #70 #81
11. [add] Type Specialization Structure
12. [remove] objcacher api
13. [add] benchmark template #79
14. [add] datachanged VIs #80
15. [add] UI: Blink LEDArray
16. [add] reorder 1d array

Release Notes

2024.6.30.234258 (Jul 01, 2024)

[add] add Communicable State Machine(CSM) Framework in dependencies
[fix] #213 Support Tag Datatype in ClusterCfgTable
[update] #211 relocate example to example/NEVSTOP/ folder

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