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OpenG Variant Library by OpenG - Toolkit for LabVIEW Download

OpenG Variant Library allows working with dynamic LabVIEW data

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ReleasedApr 02, 2024
Publisher OpenG
License BSD-3-clause
LabVIEW VersionLabVIEW>=20.0
Operating System Windows, Mac, and Linux
Dependencies oglib_error  
Used By jki_state_machine_editor   sklein_lib_lv_argparse   lava_lib_ui_tools   oglib_array   oglib_variantconfig   jki_lib_smo_editor   jki_lib_easyxml   jki_simple_localization   labview_open_source_project_lib_serializer_jki_json   labview_open_source_project_lib_serializer_easyxml   foerster_tech_lib_labplot_ly   jki_lib_json_serialization   lv_toml   hooovahh_variant_repository   jki_lib_gla_2020_weaver_ioc_container   lavag_lib_ui_tools_controls_addon   lava_lib_json_api   nevstop_3rdparty_dependencies   blue_origin_lib_bluejsontextserializer   blue_origin_lib_blueserializationprovider   blue_origin_lib_bluetomlserializer   blue_origin_lib_bluevariantview   pantherlab_lib_dqmh_mqtt_system   blue_origin_lib_blue_event_log_opensource   blue_origin_lib_bluetreemapviewer_opensource   labview_version_selector   openg.org_lib_openg_toolkit   blue_origin_lib_runlog_opensource   hse_lib_gitlab_api   jki_lib_python_bridge_for_labview   pnr_lib_labview_composition   benjaminr_error_log   labview_quickdrops_manager   lava_lib_labview_task_manager   blue_origin_lib_blueplot_(open_source)   brent_justice_lib_blueplotmulti_(open_source)   blue_origin_lib_blueserialization   jki_lib_caraya   oglib_string   oglib_appcontrol   pantherlab_lib_dqmh_mqtt   nevstop_lib_csm_ini_static_variable_support   mediamongrels_ltd_lib_websockets_secure_addon   ls_instruments_ag_lib_async_methods_actor   sas_workshops_lib_vitester_for_g_cli   jki_lib_vi_tester_junit_xml_results   nevstop_lib_csm_api_string_arguments_support  
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The OpenG LabVIEW Data Library contains several routines for operating on Variant Data, Type Descriptors and LVOOP Data. It's commonly used for creating tools that can read or write any kind of data, dynamically, in LabVIEW. Examples are Anything to/from XML/JSON.

Release Notes (Apr 02, 2024)

- Requires LV2020 or greater (sources upgraded to LV2020) [Issue #8]
- Basic Support for Maps and Sets (Get and Set Data Name) [Issue #20]
- Move package VIs into an LVLIB [Issue # 15]
- Change all VIs to source-only [Issue #9]
- Support for FIXED-POINT datatype [Issue #6]
- Internalized dependency on OpenG Error (no longer a dependency of built package)
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added VIs for converting LabVIEW Objects to Variant Clusters and back.
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added VI/VIM for adapting data types in a more flexible way.
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added multi-dimentional VArray handling
- EXPERIMENTAL: Added some variant constant types and common comparisons.
- EXPERIMENTAL: Support for converting Map to Variant Array of Clusters and back.

Important: Callers of this package will relink automatically to the new Library (openg_variant.lvlib) that contains this package. However, if you subsequently downgrade this package to version 5.x or older, your callers will need to be manually relinked to the older version (without the Library namespace).

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