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I have a toolkit that I would like to create some nice documentation for:

Can AntiDoc help me with this?

It seems to me that AntiDoc is currently good at documenting component interactions for projects using frameworks like DQMH, etc.

However, it's mission statement is "Tool for automatic lvproj documentation generation" -- does a simple reuse library count? :)

Thanks for this great tool!


Wovalab This is definitely a use case Antidoc should be able to handle! Thank you for the idea, Jim.
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Jim Kring You're very welcome! Let me know if you ever need any other feedback or testing. It would be great to standardize the open source tools community on AntiDoc :)
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Olivier Jourdan Jim, I created an issue on the GitLab project. I detailed what could be the first version of this new feature --> Let me know if you think that would cover your idea. I don't know when I'd be able to work on it, but I'm pretty confident that there is no technical issue to make this work with Antidoc.
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Jim Kring Thanks! That looks like a great start.
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